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  • Stimulating Self Esteem
    Today we approach another of those steps on the path to “Becoming” that at times can sound easier than it is. To develop strong positive self esteem is more than just saying you want to. It takes work, hard work, deeply personal work and concentrated effort.  Let’s start with some shared definitions. First self esteemContinue reading “Stimulating Self Esteem”
  • Purposely Biding Time
    Changes can be quick, sudden, even unexpected but  more often than not they are gradual and develop over time. This process also involves effort, dedication and commitment. On this edition of “Becoming Today” we’ll discuss what to do when you’re waiting to embrace change.  Are you accepting change in your life? Has it happened yet?Continue reading “Purposely Biding Time”
  • Delivered By Faith
    Things rarely ever happen in accordance with our vision of time. Yet if we remain true to our beliefs we can learn that often those delays are designed to bring us closer in line with our desires. Those unforeseen events are taking place to ultimately lead us to what is for our best good. BeingContinue reading “Delivered By Faith”

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