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  • Wisdom Is Available
    At what cost? Some would say how can you afford not  to invest  in knowledge and understanding? The price is entirely up to you.  How much effort and time are you willing to spend  to reach your potential ?  And improve not only yourself but also the lives of all around you  as well asContinue reading “Wisdom Is Available”
  • The Advent
    As we flip another page on the calendar here on “Becoming Today”, you’ll see tomorrow is the day that many will light  the first candle of the “Advent season”. Also known in the East as the “Nativity Feast”, and in other traditions the “Annunciation”,  the Christmas season is officially here as we have one cycle,Continue reading “The Advent”
  • Gratefully Generous
    Yesterday I encouraged you to make everyday Thanksgiving. To adopt it as an attitude and in doing so you will soon see that gratitude goes hand in hand with another important “g” word. That’s where we’ll pick up our discussion now at the intersection of Gratitude and Generosity on this edition of “Becoming Today“. NowContinue reading “Gratefully Generous”

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