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  • Reemergence
    Sometimes we can find ourselves in periods of hibernation. While I didn’t think I needed the rest, the cycles of life proved to me just  how necessary it was.  I had to admit this has been where I had been residing for the last few weeks. The depths of dormancy had overtaken me  as IContinue reading “Reemergence”
  • Am I Using The Right Fork?
    It’s a question we’ve all needed to ask at one time or another. And not just at a formal dinner table. “Which fork do I use?” also applies to our journey, as we reach those points along the path where we must choose the next direction of travel. Now our shared path of “Becoming Today”Continue reading “Am I Using The Right Fork?”
  • Obsoletism Opposed
    We  begin this week with an update. One that comes quicker than I would have thought and includes a synchronicity no one could have seen coming. I’ll explain on this edition of “Becoming Today”. On Friday I posed a question that I described as sounding odd, however it’s something I’ve been pondering for awhile. PerhapsContinue reading “Obsoletism Opposed”

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