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  • Energized Through Tenacity
    Yesterday in our discussion of  what it means to act with “Tenacity Comes From Within,  I shared a definition and posed some questions for you. On this edition of “Becoming Today”, so you don’t miss out, I’ll ask them again allowing you to reflect upon them, while I answer a question I get asked quiteContinue reading “Energized Through Tenacity”
  • Tenacity Comes From Within
    I’ll admit this one has taken me a while to pull together. I first became inspired by the topic just before Thanksgiving and then sat down no fewer than eight times to put it together.  So I can testify this is a very recent lesson I’ve been called to explore, that I’ll share with youContinue reading “Tenacity Comes From Within”
  • Already?
    Is it just me, or did this week just fly by? As we transcended another month as well and even were visited by a prognosticating rodent it was another busy week here at “Becoming Today”. Taking a look back, I feel like doing it in reverse from our normal reviews. So beginning with the end,Continue reading “Already?”

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