That’s what this New Year, this new project and my renewed direction in life is all about. So what exactly do I mean by “Becoming”? Glad you asked….

To begin with “Becoming”, is a  word and words do have meanings. So if used as an adjective, “Becoming” can be defined as  flattering a person’s appearance’ . Synonyms include attractive, lovely, pretty, handsome, stylish, elegant, chic, fashionable or tasteful.  Certainly all are concepts worthy of our attention, and while they are and will add to our experience, it’s still so much more. 

What I’m talking about is much closer aligned with “Becoming” as a noun: ‘’the process of coming to be something or of passing into a state”. Coming to be always, “Becoming”. Growing, developing and shifting into an attitude and daily practice of always, “Becoming”.

That’s the essence behind, “Becoming Today”. 

How do I, as an individual and we as a society, focus on “Becoming” what we are truly destined to be? How do we become all we can be? How do we further enrich our lives and those of our families, friends, communities and society as a whole?  What exactly is it we want to become today? Each and every day, becoming the best at whatever we desire, hope for, have set goals for, prayed for  and how do we achieve this state? 

Those are questions we’ll focus on together in this new year of 20/20+1.

So how did this concept come into my awareness, mind, being, essence and on my heart? It was all because of the reset button being the past calendar year. Like many and honestly all of us, 2020 changed our entire ways of life. How we had to prepare, what we could expect, how could we anticipate, the next changes coming. 

The global pandemic. Economic uncertainties.  Personal Losses. Grieving for loved ones. Increased personal sacrifices and/or the fallout from those who refused to understand the need to.  Politics and here in the U.S. A., the tone of the election. A mere 365 days ago, no one could have dreamt, what we would have to learn to cope with and adjust our thinking toward.

At that time, January of 2020, I was focused on the world of eCommerce. Always a hectic time of year for customer service, dealing with overseas manufacturers, distributors and shipping, it always slows for the nearly three week observances of the Chinese New Year. 

So I was prepared for that: primarily knowing everyday, I would have emails and calls from shall we say, “grumpy” customers who don’t want to realize, sometimes it takes a little longer to get what you want from 6,888 miles away.

Then I started to get communications about a virus that was impacting a province I did  alot of business in. That then became, business associates there sending me pictures taken through the peepholes in the front doors of their homes. Tanks in the street. Armored personnel carriers and soldiers, making sure none of them could leave their residences.

Now I’m becoming aware, this is unlike anything I’ve encountered. But being aware still did not prepare me for all the changes ahead. My life on this New Year’s Day does not look anything like it was a year ago.

My career. My home life. My vision for the future. The very core of my foundations have all become far different. However, I don’t view those necessary changes as losses, rather the opposite. All of these revised needs, allowed me to hit my personal reset button and are allowing me to live a renewed life of “Becoming”.

Personally that means becoming the best woman, the best person I can be. 

Professionally that means becoming one who does what I’ve always dreamed of.

And yet there is still more, I want to see you become { fill in the blank here with your personal needs and aspirations}. I want for you to achieve, be and share this spirit of “Becoming”. That’s why I have undertaken this project for the year 20/20 + 1.

It is also why I am making this pledge to you and hope you’ll make the same to me and us:

Coming together as independent individuals, sharing a planet, and intentionally setting our combined focus on becoming the strongest, most empowered God-fearing women we can be; it is vital we set these objectives, hopes and shared visions in writing, to make them truly achievable and to hold each of us and the “we” accountable. 

So let’s commit to “Becoming Today”, everyday, 24 7/ 365. I’ll be posting conversations six days a week, Monday through Saturday, so that we may share and become together in this year of 20/20 + 1.  Please comment below. You can also subscribe to be notified when new posts are available. You are also encouraged to use our Contact page for private communications. 

Speaking of which, I want to ease any concerns you may have about privacy matters and the handling of personal information. So there is some lawyer speak below for your information.

By the way, if you’re wondering, asking, screaming why is the woman referring to the year as 20/20 + 1 ?!? Good question, and I’ll answer it tomorrow. Until then I hope and pray you are “Becoming Today”.

  • We respect your privacy and do not sell any information regarding you or your identity. We are compliant with policies listed at this site.


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