Digging Out

It wasn’t the weekend I expected nor had I planned for. 

While the official snowfall totals claim around 4 inches. We doubled that. In reality I shoveled, in the flat spots, snow that was 8-9 inches deep and drifts that topped 12 to 14 inches. Heavy wet snow. The kind that is so wet you can’t just push it and have to face the realization this is heavy work and lift it scoop by scoop. 


Why am I having to deal with this? I’m already behind schedule to write my blog. The final holiday celebrations pushed me off my predicted course and now this. I haven’t even drafted a topic yet. Lifting more snow and groaning, I’m deep in conversation with myself. Why? What am I going to communicate with you about? When am I going to get it done? 

Yikes the snow is even deeper over here. This is not what I’m supposed to be doing. How will I come up  with a logical discourse, when I’m calf deep in this? What am I supposed to write….

Then as I slipped on the ice, and my behind met the pavement, my thoughts were jarred, and suddenly I realized.

This is it. Digging out.

Photo by Daniel Frese on Pexels.com

Digging out of far more than snow. Digging out of the past year. Digging out of the old ways. Digging out, so I can dig in and set the foundation for “becoming”.

As I’ve written before I’m declaring this as mine (and hopefully our) year of “becoming”. The year that we’ll experience new favor, live new ways, make new connections. A time to free ourselves from old limitations, patterns, and generational forces. The year of truly becoming ourselves, our dreams, our destinies.

By focusing on becoming and setting our intentions to overcome, we can be catapulted towards the realization and achievement of our goals.

We can and will become wiser, more focused, stronger and prosperous. We’ll feel happiness and even joy. We’ll find a clear direction, make good choices and uncover the guidance, creativity and success we are seeking.

Now these things certainly can and will differ for each and every one of us. However that does not make them mutually exclusive. By each of us pledging to “becoming”, we know we’ll become better people and better people surrounding themselves with better people can only benefit all of us.  

So how do we start on the path of “becoming”? The first step is simple. Make the decision to do so. The next step a little harder, pledge to keep at it. Affirm your belief and commit to making the necessary changes, adjustments and growth focused necessities for whatever it is you want to become. Then the third step, set some measurable goals.

I’m not talking about New Year’s resolutions, or a wish list, I’m talking about doing the work. Sitting down and writing out what you truly want and then figuring the measurable steps on how to get. Followed by holding yourself accountable, taking responsibility for making things happen and regularly reviewing your progress along the way.

In my household for the year 20/20 + 1, we have set goals as individuals, for the home and suggested goals for each other including steps we can and are willing to do to assist the other in achieving their success.

I never meant to suggest this process of “becoming”, would be simple or easy. I do believe it can and will be rewarding. I do believe it can make us excel, shine and rise above any limitations. I declare for myself, and pray for you that new heights are attainable and as Dolly Parton has so eloquently put it, life will be good again,…

“But you know life goes on

This too shall pass away

Bring new and different days

We need to change our ways

And right our wrongs

Let’s open up our hearts

And let the whole world in

Let’s try to make amends

When life is good again…..”

It really is a wonderful song, poignant for these times and if you haven’t heard it you can listen here: https://youtu.be/zEUYlo6OoDY

Life will be good again. In fact it can be better than ever before. 20/20 +1 is becoming our best year, our best lives now. 

We are digging out. Digging out of our limitations, labels, false expectations. We are digging out of former roles, past mistakes, and hidden hearts. We are digging out so that we may dig in.

Dig in deep, to ourselves. Our minds. Our hearts. Our souls. Digging in to examine our wants, needs, desires and conscience. Digging in to unearth your potential, new ideas, fresh inspiration, to find new pathways, establish clear directions and become who you were always intended to be. 

Tomorrow I’ll share some of my specific goals for this year plus some of the processes I’m using to constantly be “becoming”. I declare 20/20 + 1 as my year of becoming and hope you decide to join me. You can always post comments, questions, thoughts, below. If you haven’t already go ahead and subscribe, to be notified of our latest post. If you’re not ready for the world to see that you’re “becoming”, well you’ll get over that; in the meantime though you can send a private message on my Contact page.


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