“Becoming” A Week, A Concept In Review”

We have made it through our first full week of the new year. And 20/20 + 1 has certainly taken it’s first steps in “Becoming”. 

As we look back certainly some unexpected, unprecedented things have occurred. In addition to those issues we’ve witnessed in the headlines, I hope you have in your own ways been noting change as well. Positive changes. Measurable steps on your individual path to “Becoming”. 

Extensive and thorough goal setting, as I’ve previously shared has been an important step for our household. Holding ourselves to some strict Standards and Practices, yesterday marked the date for our first goal review.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Too early you think? Absolutely not. When we examine the research into goal setting and New Year’s Resolutions, we learn that only half of all adults in the U.S. actively resolve to make the considerations. Of that half, only 10% will see it to fruition and 80% of those who do not, deem themselves a failure by just the second week in February.

That’s only 29 days from now. I do not, nor does my household intend to be among that majority, so that is why we have incorporated strict accountability measures into our plans for “Becoming”.  From our household goals for 20/20 +1:

Overview & Purpose

Coming together as independent individuals, sharing a domicile, and intentionally setting our combined focus on becoming the strongest, most empowered God-fearing women we can be; it is vital we set these objectives, hopes and shared visions in writing, to make them truly achievable and to hold each of us and the “we” accountable. 


  1. Emotional. Helping each other and fostering the atmosphere of the home.
  2. Financial. Necessary responsibilities and physical needs.
  3. Spiritual. Keeping individual and combined focus on the glory of God, always.


Accountability. Scheduled times to review. Bi-weekly meetings to discuss progress, questions and concerns plus the definitive dates for formal rewrites and adaptations:

  1. February 1st. Initial review. Feelings? Suggestions? Immediate changes?
  2. March 1st. Growth should be seen in accountable standards. 
  3. April 1st, no foolin’! Serious examination of our progress so far. Revisions necessary to continue becoming in Q2.

So yesterday we gathered together in the ‘Circle of Sharing’, also known as our kitchen table, to share, listen, learn and grow. Included in our family discussions were five questions formulated beforehand to guide the process.

  1. What have we done right? How can we do it again?
  2. What individual (personal) growth do you need to be supported?
  3. How does this enable the household to continue “Becoming”?
  4. When you make a decision, what happens?
  5. How do we deliver EXCELLENCE everyday?

We had already in the first eight days experienced positive changes. In fact we did achieve one goal on our household renovation plan for the year. Seeing that project completed within the first five days of 20/20 + 1, a mere 3 ½  hours ahead of the deadline!

So after taking a moment for celebration and applauding ourselves , it was right back at it. With a successful completion, time for question #1: What have we done right and how can we do it again?

It was unanimous, verbal reinforcement of goals, their purpose and steps underway was cited as the top contributing factors in our early success. This dovetailed with another of our goals to always have an open, hnst attitude of sharing and communicating in the home.

The personal growth and needs are just that private. I’ve mentioned before that because I’ve decided to go public with this concept and sharing,  I’m still respecting the family’s right to privacy. That further allows them the space they need individually to grow and be “Becoming”. 

I will say I was extremely happy with how open and honest each person ws with their response to question #2: What individual (personal) growth do you need to be supported? There were a few tears but in the end all were smiling.

Likewise for number three: How does this enable the household to continue “Becoming”? We were very direct in asking for the help we needed from each other. The challenge then was stepping outside of the “I”. Recognizing the needs for “me”, but being able to be focused on how a better “me” supports the “we”.  It was truly a great team building exercise. 

Number four was a question I formulated as a teaching moment. I knew the answer, lol, but asked each person with a ten second timer, to answer it. Here are some of the responses to “When you make a decision, what happens?”

  • I change my mind
  • Uh……….
  • Nothing, I just get paralyzed
  • I get distracted
  • And one could not utter a syllable and just froze.

The answer was it either works or it doesn’t. Which prompts the follow up, “Then what?”

If it was successful you go on to the next step. If not, you make another decision, hopefully a better one from what you just learned and then you take another step along the path of “Becoming”.

The fifth and final question allows us to refocus and strengthen our commitments. How do we deliver EXCELLENCE everyday?

The combined answer was by honoring our commitments and continuing on towards our goals. I was so proud at that moment, because we are truly “Becoming” and transforming ourselves, our lives, our family and our home on so many levels.


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