“Becoming”: An Inaugural View

On this day I hope that we as a nation are “Becoming”.  This Inauguration Day certainty is unlike any other, so I’m remaining hopeful that it will serve as a beginning on many plains.

Together we can make it truly “inaugural”:

Definition…….  adjective: marking the beginning of an institution, activity, or period of office.:  For example “his inaugural concert as Music Director”. Or ”Our inaugural steps towards Becoming”.  Synonyms include: first, initial, introductory, initiatory, launching, opening, maiden, dedicatory

I’m remaining optimistic though recently I had to ask this: 

What Are We “Becoming”?

The title really says it all. What happened? Who did what? What was involved? What’s next? What a week this has been.

Exactly two weeks ago today it seemed like we would experience a Wednesday Pretty ordinary, or at least as routine as any of my days can be. I was focused on the needs of the house. Domestic duties. Looking after my family, I had made a little progress on an ongoing renovation project  and was trying to get yesterday’s blog done.

Suddenly I was distracted. Then the tweets, notifications, and emails went wild.


Did I read that right? 

No…. what would?…. 


There it was………..

I jotted in my journal… yes I still put ink on paper…..

“We hope for the best,

Brace for the worst,

And pray for the rest”.

I then picked up my phone and with the image below on my screen, went into the other room, and said, “Honey, have you seen this?”

Which led me to be pondering, contemplating, reflecting and writing, what are we “Becoming”?

What are we, as a nation “Becoming”?

What are we, as a society “Becoming”?

What are we, as fellow human beings “Becoming”?

Now this is not a discourse on politics. Not a rehashing of so-called “winners” or “losers”. I am not espousing any political beliefs, nor endorsing any ideology. I am questioning.

I truly am asking, “what are we Becoming”?

At that time I also shared my observation that “I believe it’s most evident, they did not intend to give any of us the three basic needs all human beings share.” 

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, where you may be headed as people we share three very basic needs to be foundations for our “Becoming”. 

We all want to be treated with C.D.R.:




I saw none of these elements present in the mob. Certainly no respect for our laws, the individuals elected to serve us, law enforcement, civilian government employees, the media or any one else who got in their way during their rampage. 

There was no apparent thought given to treating the individuals forced to barricade themselves inside the Capitol Building with dignity. It seems they didn’t even view them as people. 

And I would say they were completely unable to have compassion for anyone, ( including each of us)  with no thought given to civil discourse, listening or possible long term ramifications I’ll also add they were probably clueless when it comes to empathy and compassion.

Compassion. Dignity. Respect. Three pretty easy to comprehend concepts, and yes even those involved in the attack want those considerations for themselves and do as humans deserve them, but the hard part is in order to receive compassion, dignity and respect; you must truly give them freely. 

Give them freely. Set your intentions on being compassionate. Set your intentions on treating everyone you encounter with dignity. Set your intention on always being respectful. Do see freely and the blessings will be returned to you, no matter how or what we may be “Becoming”.

Will today usher in a new time, a fresh start, growth towards “Becoming”? As I post this, only time will tell. In the meantime in prayerful contemplation I will remain expectant that right will triumph. I will remain optimistic that people will do the right things. That tomorrow when you stop by, I shall be writing about positive aspects of “Becoming”. 

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

I declare 20/20 + 1 as my year of “Becoming” and hope you decide to join me. 

You can always post comments, questions, thoughts, below. If you haven’t already go ahead and subscribe, to be notified of our latest post. If you’re not ready for the world to see that you’re “becoming”, well get over it (lol). Otherwise stop by our Contact page and submit a private message.


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