“Becoming”: You Are

It’s been quite a week here at “Becoming Today” and it’s not over yet.

Already we’ve discussed freeing ourselves, seeing our shadows, developing joy and empowering ourselves. Now we drive at the reason why we find ourselves on this path to “Becoming”: “You are ________.”

My prayer for each of you today is that you are filling in your own blanks and seeking the encouragement, support and love you need to do so – Rochelle Jeanette
Photo by Prateek Katyal on Pexels.com

“You are” what? That question is one you must answer for ourselves. Our first steps along this recurring journey are always being in touch with who we are, where we are and where we want to be “Becoming”. 

Thorough self examination, meditation, contemplation and prayers are the places where we can begin to formulate the answers and fill in the blank in “You are ________.”

So today’s visit is one in which I’ll share a little more in a free association style.

My thoughts, journal notes, encouragements, inspirations, random musings and philosophical meanderings. Plus I also kind of went down a rabbit hole in my exploration on this topic, so I’ll share some musical interludes of songs featuring, “You are ________.”

You are …  wondering why this topic today? Well it’s because I need some reinforcement in my own definition. So being open to inspiration and gratefully acknowledging the gift of Grace, it was quite apparent I needed to look past some distractions, remain on course and continue trusting that for every delay, disappointment and obstacle God has already overcome them for me, for “I” are….

Since I ( and hopefully you) are “Becoming” our destiny, who we are truly intended to be then If I truthfully fill in the blank, there are many answers, solutions and outcomes.

“You are ________.”  

… not meant to just get by.

… beautiful.

… empowered.

… strong enough.

… vibrant.

… fearless.

… focused.

… “Becoming”.

“You are ________.”  

… affirmed.

… productive.

… creative.

… expanding.

… learning.

… nurturing and nurtured.

… celebrating.

… “Becoming”.

“You are ________.”  

… speaking kind words.

… making a difference.


… praise-filled.

… needed.

… positive.

… radiant.

… “Becoming”.

“You are ________.”  

… blessed.

… sharing your light.

…free to be.

… welcoming possibilities.

…being true.

… obedient.

… diligent.

… “Becoming”.

“You are ________.”  

… diligent.

… dutiful.


… reaching.

…secure, safe and protected.

…filled with joy.

… smiling!

… “Becoming”.

As I  type each one I know that I am all and so much more of the blanks I’ve filled in as I hope “You are ________.”  

My prayer for each of you today is that you are filling in your own blanks and seeking the encouragement, support and love you need to do so. I’d also like to share these encouraging word from Joel Osteen:

If you haven’t already done, so I encourage you to do the exercise of filling in your own, unique personal “You Are’s”. So till we talk again, I’m going to be focusing some exercise time on working my A.B.B.s.

No I did not misspell that, yes it is another new acronym I am developing and tomorrow is when I’ll share more about it and how it impacts our path of “Becoming Today”. 


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