“Becoming”: Confident In Your Words

This week all began with a single word. One that was stuck in my head and since I have been remaining forbearant in our discussions along the power of words, the need to effectively communicate and how we can empower ourselves and our messages. 

Choosing your words carefully can lead you to great success, while not guarding your vocabulary can have the opposite effect ensuring your failure. Remember words have meaning directly impacting actions and outcomes. 

Today we’ll continue our conversation on declaring carefully chosen words as we’ll expand it to include the role of speaking confidently. I’ll also share some more options for selecting words carefully, properly and courageously as we continue along this path of “Becoming”. 

What does it mean to speak confidently? Like most aspects of our shared path of “Becoming”, that can have uniquely different interpretations. 

Considering the influence of the words we choose to use, we need to be firm in our beliefs that those conveyances should always be considered with compassion, dignity and respect.

Yet still they should be firm, concise and declare your intentions.  The way to balance humility and pride is through confidence. Confidently being humble in the knowledge we can achieve our goals, which we can be proud of, without infringing upon anyone else’s dignity nor giving away our self respect. 

Speaking with confidence means we must speak with words that strike a positive response chord. Whether the words we “speak” are spoken or written, they should still be able to enlighten, uplift, inspire with enthusiasm, encouragement and kindness, while still empowering ourselves. 

Remaining in a moment of  mindfulness, it helps to accentuate our words, giving them more power and authority.  Tone is especially significant here, hopefully we can come to a place where we automatically default to the positive; declaring with compassion, dignity and respect. 

Understanding now that a proper conveyance of our expression, includes aligning words, inflection and tone, here is today’s list:

6 Steps for Speaking Confidently

  1. Grammar Grants Grace

Even when using your speaking voice, punctuation is important. Do not sound questioning, voice yourself convincingly. Watch that your inflection is not rising too high at the end of the sentence that it sounds like you are questioning rather than proclaiming. There is a big difference between  this ‘!” and that “?”. Don’t be hesitant it causes those who are listening to question you, your knowledge or your beliefs. 

  1. Slow Down It Aids Digestion

You’re not in a race. Speak slowly, at times deliberately to get your point across. Just like eating, doing so purposefully will allow your audience to digest what you are trying to feed them.

By the way researchers say that around 188 words per minute is the proper rate of speech. That allows for people to feel like you’re having a one on one conversion over lunch; even if you’re talking to 300 people in a church hall or nearly 800,000 on the Internet. 

  1. Gestures Generate 

Use your hands to express yourself more effectively. Body language can accentuate or destroy your message. Be cognisant of your posture. Stand up tall, dress comfortably. convey warmth and build momentum that is both forward and upward.

Studies show using your hands effectively results in the audience receiving you are more excited about and more knowledgeable in the content of your message. Conversely, if you keep touching your hair, are smoothing or stretching your clothing, in addition to being distracting,  you are perceived as lacking confidence. 

  1. Stay Hydrated

It’s one of the areas that medical experts continue to agree about, hydration is key to balance and healing in our lives. Your body literally depends on water to survive. Every cell, tissue, and organ in your body needs proper hydration  to work properly. This can mean more than just water, so embrace it even for days when you’re not planning on being so vocal.  

When you are, studies  have found positive effects for your vocal cords. Keeping those muscles cool and moist does enhance the overall sound of your voice.

  1. Gratitude As Your Attitude

When a speaker is expressing gratitude, there is a direct link to how their confidence is perceived. Listeners are more trusting, receptive and likely to take a sympathetic action in reaction to your request.  When you come across as grateful and truly appreciative it aids in presenting a positive message that everything is alright and will only get better. The best way to be viewed as gracious is to live in an attitude of gratitude. 

  1. Smile!

Smiling makes your voice more pleasant to the ear. Try it. Say something with a scowl on your face, and then say the same words, while smiling. See, you can hear a completely different tone.  Also to the eyes, a smile boosts confidence . You will be perceived as friendly, approachable, and trustworthy.  

Have you ever bought a car from a scowling, depressed salesperson? If so, why?

Smile and you’ll close the deal.

To close our deal today, as well as fulfilling yesterday’s promise, here is  another list of words to help with our declarations, conveyances and messages.

Hopeful Words

Hope Victory Giving

Prayer Faith Abundance

Deliverance Grateful Gratitude

Joy Living Being

Seeing Expectant Peaceful

Calm Becoming”

I’m confident this is continuing to be a rewarding week for all. Choosing our words to boldly declare certainly enhances our shared path. Tomorrow on “Becoming Today, ”we’ll look at how you further strengthen the message you are articulating, and that will include turning those utterances into actions.


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