“Becoming”: ?4U

I hope your week is going well. It’s busy here in my sphere, so a shorter post than I usually do for today. This is due to two primary reasons.

First I have both  dental plus a medical appointment today. Nothing serious, but in the past calendar year, the availability of treatments and therapies has been severely limited. I think we’ll soon start to see the after effects that the pandemic has had on the overall health of individuals and the lasting effects many are and will continue to experience even though they may have never contracted or even been directly exposed to the virus.

Since taking time to care for ourselves and being responsible for our own health, safety and wellbeing are obviously important parts of our shared journey, I trust you can accept this interruption in our normal schedule.

The second reason is all about you….

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

Yesterday I summed up our conversation by relating, “Some more thoughts for your consideration. So are they helpful? How is your journey towards, “Becoming” advancing?”

I asked you to, “Let me know. You can either comment below or send a message through my “Contact” page.” I am sincere in asking as I truly do care about how your personal discovery and journey are advancing.

Knowing this helps me to see what we may need to revisit or expand upon. 

When I first launched this project, I wrote,

“How do I, as an individual and we as a society, focus on “Becoming” what we are truly destined to be? How do we become all we can be? How do we further enrich our lives and those of our families, friends, communities and society as a whole?  What exactly is it we want to become today? Each and every day, becoming the best at whatever we desire, hope for, have set goals for, prayed for  and how do we achieve this state? 

Those are questions we’ll focus on together in this new year of 20/20+1.”

-Rochelle Jeanette

And I hold true to those thoughts. In addition to seeking any insights you may have on those issues raised, today I’ll also offer a whole list of questions for your response.

Photo by Olya Kobruseva on Pexels.com

Seeing and believing for “Becoming Today” to be a community, I realize communities are messy. How couldn’t they be? After all community involves people and people are messy, still it is so important to be  a vital member of a community.

Therefore I’m going to post the following queries and ask for you to respond either publicly or privately. Your participation will be priceless in ensuring the future value of this community.

  1. Can you love online?
  2. Is making a heart engagement, a soul level connection, possible in cyberspace?
  3. How can I serve others?
    • Meaning how can I better serve you? and
    • What can you do to help others?
  4. How do you feel connected?
  5. What inspires you to be connected?
  6. What prevents you from forming a connection?
  7. How do you allow others to connect with you?
  8. What does a true connection mean to you?
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Take some time to consider your answers. I’ll respond to all, as well as any other questions you have for me. In the meantime have a blessed day and I pray your health and “Becoming” are all well.


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