“Becoming”: The Waiting Game…

Ohhh how I dislike that expression! The waiting game!!! It even makes me see red. 

Waiting is a significant aspect in our growth, development and life itself.

No matter what Milton Bradley wanted us to believe or the falsehood that Hasbro perpetuates to this day… life is NOT a game. To treat it as such is waste!

Now I realize children and yes all of us need to take time and play each day, however when the attitude perpetuates itself in our daily living is when it gets troublesome.This is how we have devolved into a society putting it’s focus only on winning or making others losers…..

Treating life as a game is extremely detrimental to our shared path. It causes us to take less responsibility for our actions and shifts our focus off truly achieving and “Becoming”. 

In our society we have suffered a great loss in leadership by continually electing and settling for those who are only interested in playing the game of politics and therefore treating your lives as if they were a game. Something to be toyed with for a while and then simply ignored.

Step away from the game and return to life as it was intended. A gift. Something to be accepted and appreciated. Something to be cherished, nourished and stewarded

Once you’ve made the conscious decision and committed yourself to this step, then action may not immediately follow. As we discussed yesterday, there are times when waiting is required.

It happens to everyone. There are times along our journey where we simply do not see movement. We may feel stuck, but we are being held in place, so we can be better prepared for our next step, our next realization.

Here at “Becoming Today”  being held in place is all about timing. And keeping our timing in sync.The decisions, choices and options we have related to when things will occur and trusting that the timing is right on schedule.

Trusting in God’s timing does not mean you get what you want in the way you want it, when you want it, which is probably now ( or yesterday).  However, trust, paired with faith and obedience does quicken your delivered promise to coming soon. 

It is never a waste of time to be patient and abide by the Lord. Do all you can and pray, believe and trust for the rest. When the timing is right, in God’s judgement and with his wisdom soon is transformed into now.

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

Now the secret to waiting is what you do, while you are waiting.

Encourage yourself. Protect your heart, your dreams and vision for the future. 

Use these times to prepare yourself. To develop. To grow. To strengthen. To renew. To reignite your passions, dreams and disease.

Use these gifts of waiting as  season to get ready. Get Ready to accept and receive. To be fully prepared enough to Become your goal, your promise, your destiny.

While these times may seem like a period when nothing much is happening, declare it the opposite. Use these respites to learn and know who you truly are. To stand in your integrity and to become defined by your truth. The story that only you know about yourself. 

Be obedient. Be Faithful. Believe.Then watch and listen to see God will fulfill the dreams, desires and promises He put within you. 

Then, release your understanding upon your actions.  It is then you are “Becoming” the real, true, authentic you. All you were intended to be.

What then? 

Keep doing it. 


Being you.

My prayer for you is that you are not playing a waiting game. Choose life. I mean truly make the choice to live it to your fullest, Begin by changing what you say about yourself and redefine the vision for your future.

You can not live in the trauma of your past or your circumstances nor the challenges of others and expect change to come. You are worthy of growth and “Becoming”.

If you are having trouble accepting that, join us tomorrow as our discussion here on “Becoming Today” will examine how to accept your value. 


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