Faith Overcomes Fear

Yesterday we spoke a bit about “My Revival” and how this 11-day journey has reinforced my calling to be an ambassador. An envoy of all the possibilities that exist for ourselves and each other. To be  an emissary of what we should expect and where to seek (and receive) the answers.  

I mentioned we can all find them, but first there is something required of each of us. To take a proverbial leap of faith. That’s where we are leaping to now, here on” Becoming Today”.

It was not one but many significant leaps of faith that I had to take to allow myself to be led over these past several weeks. 

During my somewhat unexpected, yet intensely needed course correction, I appeared to be wandering, but was being guided, my every step directed.I appeared to be traveling alone and never was. 

Most thought I was exploring the “wilderness”, but rather it was leaving no stone unturned in me. 

It was a long overdue expedition, far more than a temporary diversion I thought I needed. In retrospect it truly was a tour of my soul, an examination of self, community, the world in general and how I need to be relating to humanity. 

But none of it would have been possible if I didn’t take that leap, really it was a big jump, to fully practice Faith Over Fear.

I had to intentionally decide to act without doubts, without worries with nothing short of courage. 

The strength of our intention determines the power of our actions. I was determined to find answers and  I did. I was focused to overcome and I did. I was committed to being guided and I was.

First I had to overcome the fears of taking any trip. The news of recent weeks of the resurrengence of the COVID-19 epidemic was just part of my initial concerns. I had to have faith in my understanding of the science and common sense practices that could allow me to travel without fear of becoming a statistic. 

To further compound my hesitancy, I was greeted with the information that I was being led to one of the top 5 states with the highest rates of new infections and hospitalizations. 

Nevertheless I trusted (obviously went) and was rewarded in ways I never imagined. 

Secondly, I had to overcome a multitude of fears, concerns and repressions related to an intensely personal set of situations. During the time of my revival was a significant anniversary.

It has been three years since I suffered a life altering accident. One that I accept as life changing but not in any of the ways I was told I would have to . 

During this time I had to literally learn how to stand and balance again. After several days in intensive care it was nearly a year before I could stand for more than nine seconds without falling over.

I had to learn how to refocus my vision, overcome visual hallucinations, walk again, and it was nearly two years before I could attempt driving. Now I found myself getting into the car for a 4 four hour triphers. and doing it unaccompanied.  

That alone is cause for concern. A woman traveling by herself to an area where I knew no one and had never been before.

Yet dedicated to practicing Faith over Fear I knew I could do so again without becoming a statistic or a footnote on the evening news. 

Knowing who I am, and where I wanted to go, I was able to find the strength to focus on my intention rather than circumstances,concerns or the objections of others. Understanding the Divine purpose that was being revealed in my heart, allowed me to be guided through all the ‘hows’. 

How I would do it. How I would get there. How I would find my way.

I could have allowed fear to take hold and insisted on wasting time on trying to figure out how this or how that.  Or worse yet I could have opted to get stuck in the “what ifs?”

What if this? What if tha?. If this; then what if that? And on and on and on… 

Luckily I chose Faith. We all should.

Faith can be simply defined however it takes effort to understand and determination to put into action. 

As the dictionary offers, “complete trust or confidence in someone or something” a it’s first attempt at enlightening us to Faith. Followed by the list of synonyms: trust, belief, confidence, conviction, credence, reliance, dependence, optimism, hopefulness, hope, expectation

Then it adds a further description,  a ”strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof”.

It’s only in merging the two that we can arrive at a shared understanding of the concept.

Faith is the assurance of things we hope for, but have not yet received. Faith is also the confidence, belief and trust in things that are not seen. Faith must be present before a prayer can be answered.

Faith is hard work, but its rewards are truly remarkable.

So remarkable in fact it altered the course of my journey, opening up infinite new possibilities in a place I never expected to be. That’s true both literally and metaphorically. That’s where we’ll pick up our conversation Monday, here on “Becoming Today”.

Do you have your own testimony of choosing Faith over Fear? Or questions about how to make the leap? Please comment below. You are also encouraged to use our Contact page for private communications. 


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