Illuminating Grace

Are you ready to let your light shine?

We’ve come to a magical moment in our ongoing series of conversations about the Eight Points of Light. So far we’ve discussed Compassion, Dignity, Respect , Peace, Love ,Mercy and Forgiveness.  

That’s seven of the eight, so it’s time for our final reveal, last but certainly not least is the concept of Grace.

As I’ve shared these points, I hope it has been revealed how interconnected they are. How like the petals of a flower they exist independently yet together and in that unity they blossom and share beauty with the world. 

Yesterday our focus was on forgiveness. As I mentioned, that has always been a hard lesson for me. To fully forgive involves allowing ourselves to let go, To actively and consciously release the need to hold on to past baggage, old quarrels, unfinished business or the need to get even.

You can not create a state of “Becoming”, if you aren’t willing to let the former or current  realities go.This is a vital part of “Becoming”. Not only forgiving others for perceived wrongs, and asking for forgiveness from those you may have hurt but also forgiving yourself.

It is then, and only then, that you can let go of anger, guilt, shame, or any other feeling limiting your growth. Let it go. Face forward, look upward and then you can get busy moving on.

To let go of past hurts, you need to make the conscious decision to take control of the situation. However, this can take time and practice. Be kind to yourself as you practice self care and love.

Then you can say good-bye to anger, guilt, shame, or any other feeling limiting your growth. Let it go. Face forward, look upward and you get busy moving on.

Facing forward, looking up now on this edition of “Becoming Today” we’ll explore how to accept and share Grace. 

So the question for many is, what exactly is Grace?

A simple definition is that Grace is a gift from God. 

Building from there we need to add that it is a gift in the purest sense. One we do not deserve and is not earned.  We simply are eligible to receive it because of God’s unconditional love for us.

Grace involves love and mercy given to others even when it is undeserved. This applies to both the Grace we receive from our Heavenly Father and the grace we need to have and share with one another. 

It does not require grand actions. Bestowing grace upon someone else can be as simple as a random act of kindness, doing something for someone without expecting anything in return.

In order to begin sharing,  first we need an understanding of how to be Graceful. 

Let’s continue formulating our shared understanding:

Grace·ful  /ˈɡrāsfəl/   adjective

Having or showing grace or elegance.

Synonyms: elegant, stylish, tasteful, refined, sophisticated, dignified, distinguished, discerning, with good taste, poised, fashionable, cultured, cultivated, beautiful, attractive, appealing, lovely, comely, charming, polished, suave, urbane, dashing, luxurious, sumptuous, opulent, grand, plush, exquisite, swanky, fluid, fluent, flowing, supple, smooth, easy, effortless, natural, neat, precise, agile, nimble, light-footed.

Certainly good qualities. Many are highly valued such as to be dignified, distinguished and discerning. To be charming, polished and appealing are also very welcoming as are the abilities to be agile, nimble and light of foot. 

Still these admirable qualities are not quite what we’re conversing about “Becoming Today”.

Rather to be graceful is to be filled with Grace.

How do you do that? Well first you acknowledge it. Acknowledge receipt of this wonderful gift from God. 

Grace is quite easily understood and yet wonderfully perfect in its complexity; defined in our purposes as  “the love and mercy given to us by God because God desires us to have it, not necessarily because of anything we have done to earn it”.

The simplest definition I have ever embraced on this topic is “God’s unmerited favor”.

Sounds wonderful, and when you have received God’s gift of Grace in your life, believe me as I testify, it feels even better.

Pastor Rick Warren also notes, “The Bible gives an easy, three-word answer for how you receive the grace of God: “by trusting Christ”.

Easy right? Powerful? Abundantly and amazingly so.

So how do you receive the grace of God? Accept it. Acknowledge it. LIve it. 

In the Scriptures we learn (Ephesians 2:8) “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God”.

So to be Grace-filled , filled with Grace, Graceful or full of Grace just say yes; then count your blessings, live your life in salvation and discern your path to “Always Be Becoming”. 

Release your understanding upon your actions. Live it and Gracefully Acknowledge. Accept grace, joy and wisdom. Give thanks for it with a grateful heart. What then? Keep doing it. What? Being you. 

Then you are “Becoming” the real, true, authentic you. All you were intended to be.

Always remember that grace is a gift. You can’t earn it, but you get a lot of it. It’s free and abundant. When you go to God in heartfelt prayer, He will always give you what you need. Forget about worrying about getting what you deserve. Grace is getting much more than you deserve.

Another explanation of Grace comes from Joyce Meyer.

She teaches that ”grace is the power to overcome bad habits, to make peace in a relationship, or to bring you victoriously through a time of testing—without all your trying”.  

Joyce continues, “That’s because grace is God’s power, not ours, that overcome all of these things. All our trying does is cause frustration. We can never make ourselves better by trying…praying more or longer, studying more of the Word, performing good works, etc. “

Adding, “Don’t get me wrong…it’s not bad to do any of these things. In fact, it’s good. It’s just that doing them in God’s power is the only way those things will have any real and lasting effect in our lives.”  

As I mentioned earlier, the way to receive Grace is to accept it. God desires to help us. Grace empowers us to live an abundant, prosperous, balanced and fulfilling life.

This as Joyce also notes is possible as, “Ephesians 2:8-9 tells us that it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—not by works, so that no one can boast

So, in the same way we received Christ, we also live in the Spirit—by God’s grace, through faith

It’s really so simple that we usually miss it. We simply need to humble ourselves, ask for God’s help, then do what He says.” 

Grace is a magnificent gift from God. It allows us to be forgiven as we continue “Becoming”.

Remaining of the right mind. Living righteously it empowers our lives.

I hope you have found our study of the 8 Points of Light enlightening. I also pray you are accepting and sharing each of them to the best of your abilities. Has been

No two can do it in identical ways. While we walk this shared path together, our steps are independently ordered and routes vary. 

This concept has been quite complex. Take some time to reflect on today’s topic of Grace.

While you can always revisit any and all of the points in our archives, tomorrow, here on “Becoming Today” we’ll offer a synopsis. A review of the key points all in one post for you. 


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