Giving Thanks

More than a play on  words it’s a call to reclaim the power of this day and in each and everyone of us. Giving thanks is empowering, healing, uplifting and inspiring and it can all be yours. 

We’ll go beyond the headlines and explore the infinite power of thanksgiving on this edition of “Becoming Today”. 

Despite what the talking heads have been ranting about for weeks on end, there was no turkey shortage and yes the cost of the so-called traditional feast is higher this year, as is everything else. However it really doesn’t matter in the grand plan. It’s just more noise. More distractions to try and keep you from focusing on what is truly important- accepting, having and living with an attitude of gratitude.

There is no need to limit a celebration of Thanksgiving to just one day a year, in fact it should be more than a reminder, thanksgiving should be an integral part of our daily living

To give thanks is something that benefits us and all those we encounter in infinite ways. 

To live with giving thanks begins by being grateful.

Giving thanks allows us to see the good in everything and everyone. To cherish beauty, kindness, love, and joy.I am constantly giving gratitude for all things including the lessons we sometimes don’t want or think we need.

We touched upon this in yesterday’s conversation, “Accepting Assistance”, as we discussed that instead of resisting help, learn to surrender to it. In learning how to accept Help we are Becoming able to live a life with gratitude. That simple act of true humility is pleasing to God. Accepting of child-like trust, to receive without the burdens of judgment shows we are evolving.  “Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.“ (Matthew 18:3-4 BSB)

Always be grateful.

Allow yourself to adopt an attitude of gratitude. Receiving is a beautiful experience, be thankful for it, whether or not it’s happening yet. Practice saying thank you so you may do so in humility when the need arises.

Don’t take away another’s blessing. Afford others an opportunity to give. Receiving isn’t all about you.  Allow a loving well intentioned person to experience the love and gratitude that they will feel when you allow yourself to accept their help.  

Also accept each day as a gift from the hand of God because He has a reason and a time for all things. There is much wisdom to be gained in understanding this concept.

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.”

When we live our lives in faith we are “Becoming” our destinies as we comprehend and embrace the power in always trusting God. Our lives truly reveal their meaning and purpose when we rely on His wisdom, timing and goodness.

Much of “Becoming” involves embracing the need for change, it is the only way in which we can truly grow, develop and realize our potentials.  Life is a process. A repetitive one/ We learn, grow, become then question, learn, grow and continue “Becoming”.

Gratitude is something we should also share whenever we are expressing ourselves whether we are talking to a friend, a stranger, a group of people or even writing thoughts on the Internet.

When a speaker is expressing gratitude, there is a direct link to how their confidence is perceived. Listeners are more trusting, receptive and likely to take a sympathetic action in reaction to your request.  When you come across as grateful and truly appreciative it aids in presenting a positive message that everything is alright and will only get better. The best way to be viewed as gracious is to live in an attitude of gratitude. 

It’s not difficult to adopt an attitude of gratitude. It just takes time and effort. Like most things in life  that are worth having. The starting steps are small and simple, yet pay us back exponentially.

Say thank you more often. To others, to God and even to ourselves. Treating each day as a time of thanksgiving leads to a more contented life. Research has revealed that by accepting the daily practice of giving thanks increases happiness by as much as 25 percent.

It should also be a part of our regular practice of prayer, it should be done in gratitude. Always with an attitude of thanksgiving and openly expressing our thanks for the outcome. Not when “it” arrives or when it is proven true, but as we ask for it. Give gratitude as you seek showing confidence in your belief that good shall overcome.

However, do not do so pridefully. We should always pray in humility.

 Ask and gracefully receive.

 When we humble ourselves before God we are not only glorifying Him, but also reminding ourselves of how powerful God’s mercy, grace and unconditional love are. 

Therefore we should trust our belief and have faith in God to earnestly discipline ourselves to asking Him to supply our needs in prayer. In requesting this in sincerity with gratitude and humility, faith allows us to perceive the knowledge that our requests or petitions will be heard and that if what we ask for is in accord with the Lord, that His will will be done, delivering us through His promise, grace and mercy.

Make everyday Thanksgiving. Adopt it as an attitude and soon you will see that gratitude goes hand in hand with another important “g” word. That’s where we’ll pick up our discussion tomorrow, when you join us again here on “Becoming Today“.


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