8 Questions +2

To help you renew your way in this year of “+2”, I’ve got some questions for you.

They are divided into two groups of eight queries for your consideration.

The first will deal with individual insights and the second I’m seeking input for how we can better come together on this shared path we call, “Becoming Today”. 

Are you ready? Take some time to carefully consider each question. If you want to discuss, or ask for clarification or suggestions, please comment. Either publicly or ask via our Contact page.

Heading into this new year, review your hopes and aspirations and ask yourself:

1)What would make it truly exciting to get out of bed each day?

2) What three things in your life have made you the proudest?

3) Can you describe what and when have been the most defining times or events in your life?

4) What makes you truly feel like yourself? 

5) Are you living an authentic life?

6) Is there something you are believing that others don’t understand? Do “they” really need to?

7) What is the one thing you absolutely would do, if you knew you could not fail?

8) Do you understand who it is you want to “Become”?

Seeing and believing for “Becoming Today” to be a community, I realize communities are messy. How couldn’t they be? After all, community involves people and people are messy, still it is so important to be  a vital member of a group that communicates in unity..

Therefore I’m now going to post the following set of eight questions and ask for you to respond either publicly or privately. Your participation will be priceless in ensuring the future value of this community.

1) Can you love online?

2) Is making a heart engagement, a soul level connection, possible in cyberspace?

3) How can I serve others? Meaning how can I better serve you? And what can you do to help others?

4) How do you feel connected?

5) What inspires you to be connected?

6) What prevents you from forming a connection?

7) How do you allow others to connect with you?

8) What does a true connection mean to you?

I realize there are now simple questions, but as with much of our efforts here, it takes steadfast determination, discipline and desire to continue our combined momentum moving both forward and upward.

Please take some time to ponder these queries and share your responses, concerns, further questions or pose others that you’d like t o discuss on our shared path. Then we’ll meet again tomorrow, here on “Becoming Today”.


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