This week I’ve been sharing some personal lessons from the past month. I’ve mentioned that I found myself in the “Depths of Dormancy” and yesterday I noted, “isn’t it ironic that you are asked to be the strongest when you feel the weakest?”.

That was what I was going through, trying to battle physical issues to keep up with day to day tasks. As I struggled with my inability to perform I had no choice but to reflect on why I may be going through this. I still really don’t have all the answers and probably never will but certainly I knew what it would take to overcome.

Time. And trust. I needed to slow down on some of the busy work and use this time to reflect upon deeper issues.

So I did. While it did take a few days for me to steady myself, regain my strength and clear my vision, I’m now ready to Reignite!

That’s the focus of our conversation now, on this edition of “Becoming Today”.

I am moving beyond the circumstances of the past cycle and am ready to move forward. Remembering that I should not focus on the challenges, rather my attention and energies need to be directed on faith.

So that is what I am working on steadfastly determined to reignite. 

So we can have a clear understanding of this process let’s develop a shared defInition for this term.

Merriam Webster’s tells us,

Definition of reignite

1 to begin or cause (something) to begin to burn again

Citing examples of “The strong winds reignited the embers.” and “The fire reignited.”

2 to give new life or energy to (something)

With illustrations including, “The success of the movie reignited her career”. Plus “The economic crisis has reignited debate on the regulation of banks”.

3 to reoccur suddenly

Which is what I’m hoping for.

The reignition that I’m seeking involves attributes  of all three explanations offered in the dictionary.

So let’s agree to accept the explanation of reignite for our purposes as:

“The beginning of new energies, lighting our path seeking new life, allowing our passions to suddenly burn again.”

Yes I am ready to renergized and refocused. I am reclaiming my power, ready to leap forward into the light and radiate brighter than before. 

To start “Becoming”, you need to bypass your mind. Detach from those lingering thoughts , worries, and distractions. Find that peaceful place and in solitude to make the decision to take action for yourself. 

Make the decision to follow your heart and take action on what you know for yourself, what you want to achieve and the Truth. Just make a decision to listen to your heart and heed your intuition. Your heart is programmed by God. Your mind by other people. Choose love and the path revealed will lead you to your true purpose, your destiny, the life you were intended to live.

The power to do it. The power to achieve it all is within.

Listen to it.

Follow it

Expect it.

Grow with it, then you are “Becoming”.

For me, when I’m having some difficulty focusing, I’ll pick up a pen and just let a little free association take place. Just writing down whatever pops into my head, then discerning the direction that is being revealed to me.

As I pondered what to share with you, in this “Becoming Today”, here is what I started with:


















The power is within.

The guidance is available.

The Peace.

The Strength.

The Heart.

The Love.

All is “Becoming”.

At first it looks just like scribbles on a page, but when I review it and lay it out here, I see structure to it. Questions, answers, a rhythm, balance and an outline. 

So where do I go from there?

I make a decision. A decision to review what just came from within. Then another decision to contemplate what I just reviewed from within, and then yes another decision to expand upon and write about what inspiration I received from within.

Afterall, what happens when you make a decision? That is correct  — it is either right or wrong. If it’s right, go with it, learn from it, and do it again. If it didn’t work out? Go with it, learn from it and don’t do it again. Instead head within again and seek  revision in your inspiration.

Once I am comfortable with that decision, I then put it into action with all the determination I can muster.

Admittedly no human can make every decision correctly. We will (and do) make wrong choices. However  the only truly bad decision is deciding not to make any decision at all. 

The trick is to approach our actions firm in resolve, aligned with our beliefs and values with the attitude, Yes! I can do this… make this happen… will be victorious.

Steadfastly I embrace my tenacity on purpose.

Tenacity on purpose?

Yes this one will require some common definitions so we can properly delve into its importance and empowerment. 

Let’s begin by flipping open the dictionary. Or asking our smart enabled device a seemingly simple question. 

What is the definition of tenacity

The immediate response? “The quality or state of being tenacious”. 

Well okay it makes sense if you understand the intention of our conversation today. However, we’re going to need to know more. 

So let’s check another source. Ahh, this one is a little more explanatory. 

Tenacity, noun:

  • the quality of being tenacious, or of holding fast; persistence. Example- the amazing tenacity of rumors.
  • the quality of retaining something. As in the tenacity of memory.
  • the quality or property of holding together firmly. For instance, testing the tenacity of the old book’s binding.

Still their origins point to tenacious as its root, so let’s dig a little deeper and reveal tenacious as:

  • not easily stopped or pulled apart : firm or strong. As in, the company has a tenacious hold on the market. Or a tenacious grip
  • continuing for a long time. With examples including tenacious myths/traditions. And a tenacious effort/battle
  • very determined to do something. Like us, She is quite tenacious.

So drawing from these, let’s consider tenacity to mean:

Not easily deterred. Persevering to continue despite any obstacles and steadfastly remaining forbearant in all efforts.

All very “Becoming” qualities. Plus they are ones that indeed need to perform “on purpose”.

You guessed it, now we need to consider that phrase, so we can share a common definition of what it means to be on purpose or doing something on purpose.

At first glance it may appear as if just a few characters differ, but the definitions can change greatly. As we’ve previously explored, words have meaning, and those meanings have power

Therefore let’s come to agreement on how to define purpose.

Yes it is “the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists”.

However it also speaks to “one’s intention or objective”. As well as “the feeling of being determined to do or achieve something”. Plus, “the aim or goal of a person”. 

Then for the intentions of our common course, let’s accept purpose as :

A reason that drives us to fulfill a goal or objective.

Combining this with our previously understood meaning  of tenacity then we can arrive at a common understanding that “Tenacity on Purpose” is: 

To act in a consistent, dedicated manner. Not being swayed, persevering in spite of any obstacles or perceived challenges. Remaining steadfast and forbearant until we successfully fulfill our goal or objective. 

It definitely  has promise towards our shared path. It demonstrates exceptional qualities in alignment with the ”Essence of Becoming”.

So despite the last few weeks, this is where I am at now. Ready to reignite. 

I am  at the beginning of new energies, lighting our path seeking new life, allowing our passions to suddenly burn again.

I am prepared to do so with tenacity on purpose.

To act in a consistent, dedicated manner. Not being swayed, persevering in spite of any obstacles or perceived challenges. Remaining steadfast and forbearant until I successfully fulfill my goals.

All that remains is to turn the key to launch this reignition cycle. Which is still in process.

However I have experienced a slight delay though. After my struggles of the past weeks, I haven’t used my car. 

So preparing to venture away from the tomb, I did as I was instructed to “take off the grave clothes” and prepared to drive back into the light.

So I’m seated in my car, buckled up for safety, I check the mirrors,seeing no instructions I then  insert the key in the ignition, and when I turn it….. Nothing. Not even a click. It seems I’m still having ignition issues. 

So as we speak my battery is recharging and what happens next is where we’ll reignite on our next edition of “Becoming Today”. 


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