Still The Birds Sing

Like most of this month, this week has continued to find ways to cause me to become extremely adaptable and highly flexible. We began our discussions with me sharing my personal struggles of late, and how I have been overcoming and working my back towards being more “Becoming”.

I have more to share about my realizations and recovery, however at this point I’ll be postponing those conversations until early next week.

As I noted in yesterday’s revised discourse, “this is not the post I had planned for today”. As I found myself at the keyboard much later than usual, I shared with you, “What The World Needs Now”

For weeks we had been hearing of and preparing for the invasion of the ukraine  by Russian forces. While I have spent most of my professional life in Journalism, especially “hard” news reporting and investigations, it’s not my purpose here to delve into the politics or history.

My only thought is for the people. The impacts on those, not only in the Ukraine but truly world wide. With NATO and the US potentially becoming involved plus who knows at this point what this could be a precursor for, we will all be touched by these developing situations.

The important thing to remember is we are not powerless.

We can have an impact, a positive effect because what the world needs now is truly prayer.

My efforts remain there and I renew my call to each and everyone of you to pray. Pray for those in the region. Pray for those being sent to battle and most of all pray for a return to peace.

So on this edition of “Becoming Today” I want to share my personal insights on this time and yes we’ll discuss what this and other situations I’m experiencing have to do with the birds.

As I prepared yesterday’s conversation at 11:11 pm my time, as I wrote about the need to come together in prayer, I witnessed it in action. 

There it was captured on video during live coverage by CNN.

Honestly not something I would usually be watching, perhaps this was the reason why I channel surfed there.

After the initial round of airstrikes and just before the first tanks rolled across from Belarus, there was a small group of Ukrainian women coming together in strength. They knelt down on the square in Kharkiv, that nation’s second largest city, which is roughly the size of Dallas, Texas:, the 4th largest city in America.

They gathered in a circle, on their knees and were quite obviously praying. I can only surmise seeking peace and asking for protection.

I have no idea who they were and I only saw the image once. 

I haven’t been able to revisit it anywhere as the breaking developments are causing more salacious and less uplifting images to be prevalent.

I just wanted to let these women know they were not alone. Even as they entered the square, while I was some 5,800 miles ( 9,300 kilometers) away I was there with them and myself in prayer with and for them.

It’s bravery like these unnamed women demonstrated that too often goes overlooked. 

The courage to venture out into uncertain quickly devolving circumstances, shows their fortitude. Their commitment to step out into the light and publicly take action based on their values and beliefs is the kind of character we should all be seeking to be “becoming” of.

So while these past few days perhaps the top of mind definition for peace is aligned with being the opposite of war – when seeking for and praying for peace it is so much more with all attributes empowering us to continue on and allow for healing and correction.

Peace can have many meanings. From the dictionary among the offering of definitions are:

-a state or period in which there is no war or a war has ended. Synonyms include law and order, lawfulness, harmony,  and accord,.

-a ceremonial handshake or kiss exchanged during a service in some churches, symbolizing Christian love and unity.

Plus the one I find most beneficial for our common understanding:

– freedom from disturbance; tranquility. Similarly described as calm, calmness and restfulness.

Being free from distractions, harassment, annoyances and chains that bind us to past realities and circumstances certainly creates in us the space to manifest a place for and an overall attitude of being peaceful.


Something that’s been impacting my personal peacefulness this week has been the weather.

As I’ve shared in “Depths of Dormancy”, February has been a stormy month on multiple levels. The past two days again have aligned with that model. 

A nearly 60 degree (Farenheit) temperature drop in 18-hours, followed by a day of accumulating sleet, only to ‘become’ even more of a “winter weather event”.

With warnings in place and local and state officials urging us not to travel ( again ) for at least 48 hours, the National Guard was ( again ) patrolling highways to rescue stranded motorists.

I was prepared,  did not need to venture out  however as vigilant as I thought I had been iI did not expect what occurred Thursday morning.

It was generally quiet all around me. I had not heard all morning, nor seen a single vehicle pass by and haven’t noticed any neighbors moving about two days now. 

Then there was the sound of distant drums. Low, giutteral, announcing their presence.

Not actually drums but the sound was pounding.

After about 15-minutes it suddenly sounded as a loud roar, a growll and then an initial bright flash of light. In sub freezing temperatures I was surrounded by thunder and lightning. In fact not far away, this blast even resulted in a strike igniting a home ablaze. 

Then we simultaneously had three winter weather events. With the strength of a Spring thunderstorm suddenly the skies opened up and we had sleet, freezing rain and pea sized hail falling all at once.

Luckily it passed quickly and I suffered no damage. I knew it was over when I caught flashes of red outside my kitchen window.

 Despite all that is going on in the world and actual storms surrounding me still the birds sing.


At and around the feeders in my backyard there were more than 22 birds, of several species including eight cardinals. Looking out for one another, eating, playing and singing. 

The largest of the males as the photo reveals took a somewhat defensive position, posting himself atop the shepherd’s hook, as a look out, to be a beacon for his companions.

It was so peaceful and reassuring. No matter what the challenge. No matter where in the world we may find ourselves. No matter what season we may be in, still the birds sing.



Calling out in the light.

Bravely foraging, trusting their needs are being met.

Knowing as the Scripture says, “Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them.

The Gospel of Matthew chapter 6 verses 26 and 27 then continues with a timely reminder for each of us “Are you not much more valuable than they?  Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?”. 

Even at the darkest hour. 

Even when all seems lost or hopeless, still we can trust that we can continue forward in light and love, reassured and content, if we embrace the moment and keep our spirits high. 

So again I encourage you to bow your heads in prayer, while lifting your eyes of faith and asking for what the world needs now. 

So until we talk again on our next edition of “Becoming Today”, I’ll be continuing to pray for peace and listening to the birds sing.

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