Dedicated to Diligence

This conversation is motivated by an expression we don’t hear too much.

At least not unless I’m talking to myself.

With due diligence….”


When was the last time you heard it?

I know.

That’s why we’ll begin by drafting a common understanding of what it means.

Then discuss why it’s important plus how we can get better at it . All that and more now on this edition of “Becoming Today”. 

So let’s examine what the Cambridge English Dictionary has to offer with its definition of “due diligence”:

“action that is considered reasonable for people to be expected to take in order to keep themselves or others and their property safe.”

In another of their derivatives, they note:

“exercise/demonstrate due diligence People have to exercise due diligence and watch what’s being bought on their credit cards.”

In addition are examples of the term’s usage:

If the client group undertakes due diligence, they may check references and visit similar projects, including ones completed by your firm.

Yes, he is right: “and exercised all due diligence, to ensure”, is a higher test than mere “reasonableness”.

The protections for reasonable belief and due diligence will also apply in that circumstance.

Okay I’m already noting several aspects that can help us reach a shared understanding, however let’s diligently persevere to seek yet another usage.

Wikipedia has a nice summation of this element:

“Carefulness and persistent effort or work—is one of the seven heavenly virtues. It is indicative of a work ethic, the belief that work is good in itself”. 

The contributors also reference this concept of diligence and the attention we should give it from a perspective of Christianity:

“In Christianity, diligence is the effort to do one’s part while keeping faith and reliance in God.

In other words, diligence and faith are two sides of a mystery. One does not know how, despite one’s effort, it all works out; but diligence, when combined with faith, assures spiritual success. 

Diligence as one of seven virtues describes thoroughness, completeness, and persistence of an action, particularly in matters of faith”.

Now we’re getting there!

So let me merge, edit and insert some “Ro-notations”, and… 

What’s that? 

Yes I made that word up. 

A “Ro-notation” is an additional notation or takeaway created by me, Rochelle. So instead of an annotation I call it a “Ro-notation”.

Anyway let’s see what we can develop to improve our common comprehension of “due diligence” and being dedicated to it:

“Careful, dedicated, persistence with intent to take action for the higher good, for the benefit of all. It is with steadfast forbearance and patience that we commit to be dedicated to not only doing no harm, rather to also do all things virtuously, fully and regularly in faith”.

Or let me offer a simpler statement:

“Always work to ensure you are trying to do  what is right. Be tenacious and purposeful about it and seek to be “Becoming” in all things”. 

So a big part of becoming diligent is by adopting an attitude of tenacity on purpose.

Tenacity on purpose?

Yes this one too will require some common definitions so we can properly delve into its importance and empowerment. 

Let’s begin by flipping open the dictionary. Or asking our smart enabled device a seemingly simple question. 

What is the definition of tenacity

The immediate response? “The quality or state of being tenacious”. 

Well okay it makes sense if you understand the intention of our conversation today. However, we’re going to need to know more. 

So let’s check another source. Ahh, this one is a little more explanatory. 

Tenacity, noun:

  • the quality of being tenacious, or of holding fast; persistence. Example- the amazing tenacity of rumors.
  • the quality of retaining something. As in the tenacity of memory.
  • the quality or property of holding together firmly. For instance, testing the tenacity of the old book’s binding.

Still their origins point to tenacious as its root, so let’s dig a little deeper and reveal tenacious as:

  • not easily stopped or pulled apart : firm or strong. As in, the company has a tenacious hold on the market. Or a tenacious grip
  • continuing for a long time. With examples including tenacious myths/traditions. And a tenacious effort/battle
  • very determined to do something. Like us, She is quite tenacious.

So drawing from these, let’s consider tenacity to mean:

Not easily deterred. Persevering to continue despite any obstacles and steadfastly remaining forbearant in all efforts.

All very “Becoming” qualities. Plus they are ones that indeed need to perform “on purpose”.

You guessed it, now we need to consider that phrase, so we can share a common definition of what it means to be on purpose or doing something on purpose.

At first glance it may appear as if just a few characters differ, but the definitions can change greatly. As we’ve previously explored, words have meaning, and those meanings have power

Therefore let’s come to agreement on how to define purpose.

Yes it is “the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists”.

However it also speaks to “one’s intention or objective”. As well as “the feeling of being determined to do or achieve something”. Plus, “the aim or goal of a person”. 

Then for the intentions of our common course, let’s accept purpose as :

A reason that drives us to fulfill a goal or objective.

Combining this with our previously understood meaning  of tenacity then we can arrive at a common understanding that “Tenacity on Purpose” is: 

To act in a consistent, dedicated manner. Not being swayed, persevering in spite of any obstacles or perceived challenges. Remaining steadfast and forbearant until we successfully fulfill our goal or objective. 

It definitely  has promise towards our shared path. It demonstrates exceptional qualities in alignment with the :Essence of Becoming”…..

Still something was missing.

 It wasn’t quite registering with me until I dropped the Bible on my foot.

Really I did. I was barefoot: it hurt.

I thought some words, may have actually said some aloud that I shouldn’t have and as I asked forgiveness I glanced at the page it had opened to.

The Gospel of Luke. Chapter 11.

Interesting Luke 11:9 is often quoted though seemingly always abbreviated. As it reads in the King James Version:

“And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you”.

Yes ask and ye shall receive. Most everyone has heard that though even shortened to the point that many don’t recall the Scripture making it a three part process.

Ask. Seek and Knock. 

Ask your question. 

Seek, actively look for a response.

And knock. Make the decision to take action. Yes God can, and does open doors for us, but first you have to knock and then “it shall be opened unto you”.

Good reminder. However it still wasn’t quite what I was seeking.

Then I continued onto verse 10. 

Hmm something was calling to me, but perhaps I was still distracted by my throbbing toe.

So as I got up to ‘walk it off’, I passed a book shelf and not fearing another episode of clumsiness I dared to pick up another Bible. The Passion Translation.

There I stood and paged through to Luke 11, verses 9- 10.

WoW! It suddenly became clear. Here is one word I was missing for my comprehension of being tenacious on purpose. One word repeated multiple times in this verse, so you know it has to be important.

Let’s read together:

“So it is with your prayers. Ask and you’ll receive. Seek and you’ll discover. Knock on heaven’s door, and it will one day open for you. Every persistent person will receive what he asks for. Every persistent seeker will discover what he needs. And everyone who knocks persistently will one day find an open door.”

Did you notice the word that had reached out from the page and grabbed me?

I hope so I used a different color, made the font bold and italicized it, to grab the attention of the page skimmers among us, lol. 

Yes, that was it.

Persistence is what I was looking for, and apparently so is God. 


Therefore we need to explore what it means to be persistent in our efforts.

The first definition I find says, “continuing firmly or obstinately in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition’.

Okay let’s immediately remove the word obstinately, because it’s not very “Becoming”. Pig-headed, stubborn, mulish are quite the opposite of the qualities we are seeking to embrace.

Continuing on “to exist or endure over a prolonged period”. “Continuing to do something or to try to do something even though it is difficult or other people want you to stop”. Plus, “continuing beyond the usual, expected, or normal time”.

I think we’ve got it. To be persistent or act persistently is taking our efforts up a notch to be uncommonly committed to our decisions, steadfast and forbearant in our actions.

Yes! That was the missing link.

Now I can feel assured in offering for you, this explanation of what it means to act with “Tenacity on Purpose” and to do so with due diligence:

To be purposefully tenacious is acting intentionally. With reason and uncommon determination in a consistent, dedicated manner. 

Not being swayed, continuing forward in spite of any obstacles or perceived challenges. 

Remaining steadfast, persistent, assured, affirmed and forbearant with dedication and determination giving all things our due diligence until we successfully fulfill our goal or objective. 

That goal for me is to share what I have learned. Testify to how life can be overcome and help as many of you as I can. 

That goal I have for us, is to come together to seek answers to these questions:

How do I, as an individual and we as a society, focus on “Becoming” what we are truly destined to be? 

How do we become all we can be? 

How do we further enrich our lives and those of our families, friends, communities and society as a whole?  

What exactly is it we want to become today? 

That goal for you is? For you to decide and then act upon. Maybe even share with the rest of us either in the comments section or through our Contact page.

Still one aspect remains unaddressed.

When should we be choosing to act with Dedication To Diligence?


That thought is what we’ll tenaciously and purposefully March ourselves towards tomorrow here on our shared path; we call –  “Becoming Today”. 


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