Miraculous Mo’day

Everyday holds the potential for miracles, so why should today be any different?

In fact it can be considered a miracle we woke up today. 

What makes this day so important? And yes I am renaming the days of the week again. I’ll explain in this edition of “Becoming Today”.

Last week I shared about how I differ some of the spellings and names of the day of the week to make them more relevant. Another visual aid to assist our focus and help our shared path be one of always “Becoming”.

Evolving. Uplifting. Momentum focused both forward and upward.

So instead of Monday, I call this start to our combined week as Mo’day. 

That is a dialect in play for the word more. So give mo’. Mo’ of this and mo’ of that.

Why am I focusing on what Monday instead can be “Becoming”? I’m glad you asked.

It’s because thanks to rodents from a town undergoing rapid growth due to sudden prosperity; a grumpy cat as well as an overall malaise that has hung around since the last century, Mondays have become misconstrued.

They are viewed as negative, not welcoming and a hindrance.

All are untrue, unless you want them to be. 

That would be counter intuitive to our purpose here on “Becoming Today”, where we are all about love, peace, growth, change and stand against even the word hate.

So there is no “I Hate Mondays” around here. And there never will be.

For many years, in another form of my life, I used to greet the week with this publicly expressed attitude:

“Welcome to Monday, it may  not be the best day of the week, 

but it sure doesn’t have to be the worst”. 

I’ve since made some revisions, but the intention here is a good starting point. After uttering those words I would encourage everyone to have a Happy Monday!

Yes you can…. Even you – in the black in the back row you can choose to have a positive attitude this day, and everyday for that matter. 

How would I suggest people start their week off on such a positive note? By having a warm smiling face…. start believin’, in believin’… Let your address be Sunshine Place.

Hmm… that kinda sounds like a song doesn’t it?

“Now once it was told to me

We’re born with a magic key

It opens the door to miracles of spring”

Hey it is Spring so as we continue to go forth in “Reemergence: Blossoming and Becoming”, we have that magic key and remember our discussion today is based around accepting for miracles available on this day.

“It takes you to wishing wells

To ice cream and carousels

And yet this magic key won’t unlock a thing

Unless you have a happy, ya have a happy

Have a happy, warm smiling face

I start believin’, in believin’

Let your address, be sunshine place”

We hold the magic key. The magic of being able to adjust our attitudes and accentuate the positive. So I hop to you are starting to believe in believin’ because as the verses continue,

“There’s love and there’s joy I’m told

Much more than your heart can hold

It’s there like the ring you would grab

On a merry-go-round

The world isn’t half as gray

With friends on a rainy day

But people keep away, when you wear a frown,”

That’s true. At the time Elvis Presley released this song on his 1970 album “Let’s Be Friends”,and sang it in the movie in which he adopted a “Change of Habit” alongside a nun played by Mary Tyler Moore, I’m not sure we had data to back it up. However we do now.

Studies like one in “Very Well Mind”, have shown that smiling releases endorphins, other natural painkillers, and serotonin. These brain chemicals  allow us to physically feel good. “Not only do they elevate your mood, but they also relax your body and reduce physical pain. Smiling is a natural drug”.

So perhaps, (she says smiling…) if you are of an addictive personality you can get hooked on smiles, both giving them and receiving them. 

Remember to turn that frown upside down, and attract some miraculous moments by choosing to decide to simply;

“…Have a happy, warm smiling face

I start believin’, in believin’

Let your address, be sunshine place”

Now if you find it odd to seek inspiration from Elvis, let me remind you that insights and knowledge can be gained from all kinds of experiences and people.

Plus Elvis actually had a foundational role for me in my early search for answers. 

The first ever gospel song I heard was him singing, “How Great Thou Art” and then there was an interview in which he revealed he would love to sing gospel music all the time but rock-n-roll paid the bills.

It shone a light on an area I had never considered. It may not have been the feeding of the five thousand, but it was a miraculous revelation in my life. “Then sings my soul….”

A phrase that to this day brings a smile to my face.

Whether or not you chose to sing along, I hope we can agree to accept that Mondays do not need to be a negative or downer kind of day. That we are able to open ourselves up to mo’.

More refreshing. More renewing and more “Becoming”. 

Step One: Decide”: to revitalize your approach, your attitude towards the start of this week. When? Why not now? 

Are you ready to make this a ‘Miraculous Mo’day’?

Receive the possibility.

Release the potential.

Rejoice and perhaps it will result in being a turning point day for you…

Which leads us to tomorrow. 

We’ll continue our limited-run series on “Turning Point Toosday”,  exploring how a mere moment can inspire you to Mo’…. see how the days work together? 

That’s where we’ll continue our conversation on our next edition of “Becoming Today”. 


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