Turning Point Purpose

Today we embark on the third part of our series on Turning Point Toosdays. Our discussions on this particular day of the week focus around how we can create a catalyst for our own growth, development and who we are “Becoming Today”.

Turning point days are ones you remember, they are “Becoming” catalysts for great change in our life. They can mark a time for breakthroughs, inspiration and transformative transition. 

They are encouraging, enlightening and inspiring. Definitely life altering, though that may take hindsight to realize. So why wait for a turning point to just magically appear? 

Why not set our focus to achieving them on a specific day, like say a Toosday, and maybe even today!

We’ve already discussed that the first step is to make a decision, and stick to it, then there is the tricky aspect of trusting the timing.

“Becoming Today” it’s all about timing. The decisions, choices and options we have are related to when things will occur and trusting that the timing is right on schedule.

Time and time again, I have and can continue to share testimony of things working out at the very moment I needed it the most. More often than not, circumstances have improved, beyond what I had limited myself to expecting, or at times even hoping for.  

After a while I could no longer be in denial of it. Despite a battle of impatience, if I continue in faith and trust, at the very least my needs, hopes and dreams are delivered – often exceeded beyond what I had prayed for.

It builds character, develops stamina and promises deliverance. For all and in all things. Everything is possible. The key is to trust. Trust God and trust his timing.

Once we have decided to accept that the timing is not within our control we can then focus on what we are “Becoming”.

What is our purpose? In determining that we can help to co-create a plan for heading along the right path. Afterall for every destination there is a right and wrong direction.

In trusting the timing and believing that what we want to achieve is possible we are exercising an essential aspect in supporting our purpose – faith. Defined as  confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see, faith draws us closer to our motivation, our objective, our reason for doing whatever our individual outcome may be.

In doing so we need to simply ask and be receptive to the answer. Listen for that small still voice and know we do not need to be either an Apostle or a Prophet to receive the complete and unconditional love and protection of the Lord. 

HIs compassion, forgiveness, grace, mercy and peace are not only available to each and every one of us, they are renewed fresh daily.

All you need to do is to accept his offer and Him. 

Return to the Source that created you, living a life of good intentions with renewed passion and a revitalized concern for your fellow human beings. 

Choose to return and declare your intentions, then you shall become empowered. 

Having made the decision for this moment to be your catalyst, let’s examine some steps to determine what purpose you are being called towards. 

I can not give you a definitive answer. No two people nor paths are identical. Your calling is unique, created expressly for you, even before you were formed in the womb. 

Though how we can go about determining our own purpose and path has shared attributes. 

To begin with we need to ask. How do we do that?  In prayer, consistently. 

Practice makes perfect. The old adage holds true especially when considering our daily commitments to ourselves. Just like your workout routine, think of prayer as an added form of exercise, in which the results are guaranteed.

Now for exercise to be effective, we know it has to be done earnestly and regularly. That’s why the first step in developing our prayer life is to continuously engage in it.

A strong well developed prayer life is truly the foundation for the arrival of nothing less than miracles along our shared paths.

Prayer is the process of “abiding in Him” ( John 15:4-5 ). 

When we participate in open, honest, steadfast prayer it is more than talking. It also involves listening. To pray involves listening with our hearts, for in doing so our Spirit is transformed. That is a time of joyous celebration and revelation that we are truly “Becoming”. 

Rejoice in the Lord always…”, the simple phrase in Phillipians not only reassures us, but also directs us to not be anxious, worried or overly concerned about anything, because in every situation by prayer with thanksgiving we can make our requests, cast our cares and / or cry out for help from the Lord. 

When we do, the Peace of Christ will be with us, in us and all around us. That strengthens us, secures us, stabilizes our situations and selves, lifting our minds, hearts and spirits. I can’t speak for you, but it not only sounds pretty good to me, it has been amazing in my life. 

A prayerful intercession will be healing, calming, strengthening, building, growing and most of all “Becoming”.

Of major importance in developing our prayer life is to be actively seeking to be in God’s presence. It is there we find peace and calm, the answers to our needs and the source of our strength

These are all traits necessary for helping us to identify our purpose in “Becoming”.  It is through inspiration, guidance and seeking of wisdom that Promises are revealed to us. In understanding and accepting these understandings in how we are able to comprehend and accept our path. The reason why we are here and what that means for us at this given time. Our paths will never be straight, they will twist and turn, but they are still leaving to one destination. The reason we were created.

What yours is, I can not say, because it is uniquely yours. We can guide, encourage and assist one another, but in order to put ‘your’ plan in motion, you will need to seek direction from the Source then pray for wisdom to acknowledge and receive it. 

In Jeremiah 29:11  we read the words of the Lord, “For I know the plans I have for you.” They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope”.


Finding and accepting a Purpose Driven Life is not a new concept, but that’s because it is a time-tested proven commodity. Living a life on purpose in accordance with God’s will is ultimately the greatest reward. 

Pastor Rick Warren wrote, “you’ll find the answers to three of life’s most important questions:

  • The Question of Existence: Why am I alive?
  • The Question of Significance: Does my life matter?
  • The Question of Purpose: What on earth am I here for?”

Also in his study he notes, “Before you were born, God already planned your life. God longs for you to discover the life he created you to live–here on earth, and forever in eternity”.

Warren also wrote that as you begin to explore you will discover the five benefits of knowing your purpose:

  1. It will explain the meaning of your life.
  2. It will simplify your life.
  3. It will focus your life.
  4. It will increase your motivation.
  5. It will prepare you for eternity.

All of which to me, seem very “Becoming”.

So now what? Dive into your strength. You are only limited by your own thoughts. Create a shift in your thinking;  allow yourself to live the life you want. Ask for ( and receive) the support of the highest power. 

Developing your prayer life empowers you. When we do we are strengthened, lifting our minds, hearts and spirits. So I urge you to take a prayerful intercession. Asking the Lord to help reveal your life’s purpose will be healing, calming, strengthening, building, growing and most of all “Becoming”.

This Turning Point Toosday, is just the initial action. Continue  to recognize, embrace and put into action these powerful moments that can happen at any given time as long as you are willing  to see with your eyes of faith and listen within your heart. 

Think about it. Please let me know if this has been a turning point for you today and we’ll talk more about it next week. But that doesn’t mean I’m going away till then.

Tomorrow join us as our conversation will focus on our renewed efforts to seek truth. It’s a search and rescue mission for wisdom on our next edition of “Becoming Today”.

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