Randomly Arriving at 400

Fridays have become our free form days, so join us this edition of “Becoming Today” as we will randomly wander here and there as I share some observations and some unsettling actions, behaviors and remarks that have been on my mind throughout the week.

History was made yesterday as the first ever Black woman was confirmed for a seat on the United States Supreme Court. Ketanji Brown Jackson will accept her role later this year, following what at best can be described as some very contentious questioning.

Contentious is one of those apparently faux-politically correct words meant to sanitize the actions of the aggressors and lull us into complacency.

I say faux-politically correct because when things fall into this category they are not meant to help others rather use to divide people further and keep the truth from getting fully into the light.

I mean why bother to let people see what is really going on behind closed doors? How can that be helpful if it shows people the reality of a situation?

I of course am being very sarcastic here.

The words that should have been used were disrespectful, rude and undignified.

Politicians using the questioning period as a tool for nothing more than manufacturing sound bytes for their fundraising efforts is a travesty. It truly should be a crime.

I also found it somewhat disheartening that in the moment history was made so many so-called leaders literally turned their back on it. Not only did they oppose the nomination which is their prerogative, but to walk out in unison in an undignified  showing of their lack of respect for the process and thereby the American people was disgusting. 

I will point out that in the partisan effort to further show disdain for “We The People”, the Constitution and Judge Jackson, there was one beacon of light. 

Standing tall. 

Not feeling pressured to join his colleagues in their disrespectfulness, was Utah Senator Mitt Romney.

Romney was the only Republican recorded to not only applaud history but to remain in the room as it was celebrated. 

To me this was not only the right thing to do. 

I mean there was a time when the two parties could at least remain in the same room and show decorum towards one another, but the fact that it was Romney who chose to reflect the better nature of humanity is also important on many levels.

Without question throughout his life Mitt Romney has proven to be a public servant. A very devout man, he not only himself has served in positions of leadership within his church, but his father was called to be among the top leaders of their faith. Obviously lessons learned and blessings shared across the generations.

I salute him further for the courage and the statement made in him remaining in that room. History has shown his church at times has struggled with the roles and acceptance of both women and persons of color. Now today in this year of “+2” there he was set apart to honor and confirm his blessing upon someone who fits both of those categories. 

Thank you Mitt Romney for being true to your beliefs, faith, values and us the American people.

Those other elected representatives, including one who made the nation wait 16 minutes for him to arrive and showed up as if he was working a casual Friday, definitely need a refresher course in Dignity, which I had previously scheduled for yesterday. 

Isn’t it somehow ironic our conversation here was based upon “Illuminating 8.2: With Dignity”, while the complete obvious was on display for the entire world to see?

While we’re discussing reporting events of the day I also need to share these concerns.

There is a new “news” program that debuted just about two weeks ago. They’ve promised to share “both sides” of an issue as well as encountering the stories they choose to tell from a faith based perspective.

I was excited as I watched the 90- minute announcement of the program, enjoyed their extended first episode and then within 24 hours, the wheels fell off the cart. 

Suddenly there were changes in the on air titles of participants and now the main focus of the camera is not only limiting the broadcast to presenting people who he agrees with, he’s saying things like never before have we seen crowds of college students shutting things down because they oppose a view.


Yes really. He reported this alarming fact last evening. 

To that I’d like to offer these images from the late 1960’s and early 1970’s…

Have we really forgotten the 1960’s? Are those claiming to be leaders really unaware of what happened then, which  in terms of the world, really was a very short time ago? Or do they believe you are so unaware and gullible that you will accept anything they say without question? 

No wonder so many of our headline breaking news issues are focused on issues including unprecedented inflation, gas prices at an all time high and the impacts of Roe v. Wade decision

Do a search for top news stories of 1973. I’ll make it easy here’s a link and notice how if everything changes it remains the same. 

While the “pain at the pump” hurts the world did not end when gasoline hit an all time high of 59 cents a gallon and it won’t as we pay an average of $4.24 today.

Hope remains and that’s where our shared focus should be. 

I remain hopeful despite difficulties. If I did not. I would not be here to share these words today.

As I continually seek wisdom for my own path of “Becoming”, this week I have been focused on a personal lesson.


It is something I have been and continue to work on this week.

Being vulnerable and being able to release my vulnerability.

Being vulnerable is not a weakness. It is a strength. A scary one to accept, but nonetheless an aspect of myself I need to more fully embrace.

In my studies on the idea and addressing my needs this week, I revisited some teachings on the subject by Brene Brown.

Some thoughts I’d like to share with you, that struck a responsive chord within me are:

Vulnerability is NOT a dark emotion. It is not to be feared and we must not allow ourselves to build a wall inside.

Vulnerability IS the birthplace of positive emotions, including Love, Belonging, Joy and Empathy. 

Vulnerability can NOT be faked.

Vulnerability also allows us to give birth to creativity and emotion.

As Brene says, “In a culture where people are afraid to be vulnerable. You can not have empathy.”

That I suspect is a major contributing factor in why we are where we are today in society.

And just like the old adage about peace, I believe we can be the ones to affect change.

In my “Ronotation”, I jotted down,…

“Let there be vulnerability on earth and let it begin with me”. 

The power to do so is within not only me, rather all of us.

This week I have declared in my life,  I have the power to unlock the door to v vulnerability, while remaining safe with His assistance.”

Now we randomly arrive at the significance of 400. That number today is top of mind, well for me at least, and possibly maybe only me. 

Though I want to thank each and everyone of you for your support and for joining us today, whether this is your first time, maybe you stop by a few times a week or you are among the ones who have been with us through all 400 editions of “Becoming Today”

Yes this Free Form Friday marks our 400th offering for you and I remain as committed to you todays, as I was when I made my promise I made at the beginning of this concept:

It is also why I am making this pledge to you and hope you’ll make the same to me and us:

“Coming together as independent individuals, sharing a planet, and intentionally setting our combined focus on becoming the strongest, most empowered God-fearing women we can be; it is vital we set these objectives, hopes and shared visions in writing, to make them truly achievable and to hold each of us and the “we” accountable. 

So let’s commit to “Becoming Today”, everyday, 24 7/ 365. I’ll be posting conversations six days a week, Monday through Saturday, so that we may share and become together…”

Thank you again for your support and I pray I have served as an enlightening and encouraging source to you as well.

Please make the most of this day and then join us tomorrow for our next conversation along this shared path we call “Beccoming Today”. 


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