21st Century Epistle

One thing is for certain, the way we communicate has changed  greatly over time.

So if the messages of the Bible were being shared today, how would that be done?

Join me as we consider that idea on this exploration of “Becoming Today”.

No one actually ever set out to write a book called The Bible. 

It was not planned to be an epic and no one yet had a concept of a newspaper much less a best seller list. What we know as the Bible is an abridged edition of the letters, notes and reports of what happened across a wide period of history. 

And before the fourth century there were a lot more resources available and depending upon your line of thinking there are still variances. The Protestant Bibles have 66 books, the Catholic 73, the Orthodox 81 and the Ethiopian Christians study 84. 

Throughout the ages and varying by the tradition, the means of conveying these accounts and teachings has changed.

There are over 40 different authors attributed in the collection of Scriptures though a majority, two-thirds of the New Testament is said to have been written by the Apostle Paul.

Now Paul knew how to get people’s attention, get a point across, and how to get people to take action. These were skills he developed even before he ventured on that “Road to Damascus”.

So there is no doubt in my mind that if he were here today, he’d embrace technology and use whatever means he could to get the Word to you. 

Among the writings credited to Paul are a number called Epistles. In the 2oth Century we would have called that a letter. A written means of communicating, so that’s why I think today he’d be spending a lot of time texting.

So in this 21st century Epistle I’ll imagine getting a text from Paul and share what could be in that chat…

I hope you enjoyed our unique look at the word of the Apostle Paul and how he might share the 2nd Epistle of Titus in the 21st Century. Now if you’re wondering what I could possibly say next? Join us tomorrow for our Free Form Friday edition of “Becoming Today”.


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