Blinded By The Light

Whether or not you are at the moment ‘revved up like a deuce’, we are going to discuss ‘another runner in the night’,  who was truly ‘blinded by the light’ and then spent his life sharing that light with all he could.

On this edition of “Becoming Today” we’ll share a conversation that could be….

Last week in the “21st Century Epistle”, I introduced the idea that if the Apostle Paul were here today trying to share his communications with us, he’d more than likely be sending a lot of text messages.

That led me to imagine what it could be like to receive a late night text from Paul while he was locked up. So today let’s pick up that conversation by revisiting why Paul changed not only his name but also his ways.

To learn more about Paul’s encounters along “The Road to Damascus” you can check out Acts 9, verses 1-9

I hope you enjoyed our unique look at the word of the Apostle Paul and how he might share it with us if he were here in the 21st Century. 

Now if you’re wondering what I could possibly say next? Join us tomorrow for another Free Form Friday edition of “Becoming Today”.

If the title of today’s post  seemed familiar, yes I did draw some inspiration from Bruce Springsteen too…


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