This morning has been starting somewhat musically for me and I hope it will remain harmonious all day for each of us.

How am I being persuaded to feel this way?

Glad you asked, it’s a new vibration we’ll explore on this edition of “Becoming Today”.

I woke just before sunrise, externally I could hear birds chirping as they gathered at the feeders, however inside my head and I suspect my heart I could hear another tune.

It filled me with an awesome feeling of the promise this day could hold.

Realizing that every moment has the potential for miracles, I want to share this with you today.

So if you would, look over yonder.

What do you see?

Maybe so, however I was hoping for you to look beyond that and notice that the sun is a-rising, most definitely.

Certainly tangible evidence that a new day is coming… ooh, …ooh and there’s so much more.

Can’t you see? Yes look, see what I feel, people are changing.

Ain’t it beautiful? 

Sure seems that way to me, so together we’d better get ready to see the light…

More than a vision, more than a beam or flash, this light is revealed within and shines from our hearts, yes, now you’ve got it. 

Love, love is the answer …ooh, ….ooh, and that’s all right.

Being a person of peace, calm, at rest, at ease and open allows for us to enjoy our relationships with others. It allows us the protected form of vulnerability to be open to new, better experiences with people and our environments.  People will want to be around you, perhaps for reasons they do not immediately understand. But rest assured it will be because they desire the peace you are radiating.

Living with the peace of God is truly virtuous. Sharing it with others enables more favor in our lives and boosts the quality of life for all we encounter.

Remaining calm, at rest, peaceful, in a balanced state and doing so with an open, kind, loving heart also results in a gentile spirit. That is receptive to learning, growing, changing and most of all “Becoming”.

More than likely not only a bold word, Love is the strongest of all positive emotions. That’s why this  edition is an exploration of why love being directed towards yourself, another individual, a group of people, or even all humanity is of utmost importance.

Seek to express and accept more love in your life.

Love is perhaps the greatest of all emotions, feelings, expressions, states, attitudes and basis for our personal development and our shared path of “Becoming Today”.

Love, love is the answer …ooh, ….ooh, and that’s all right.

So what’s next? Don’t you give up now, ooh… ooh it can be so easy to find…

Once you ensure you are looking for love in all the right places.

So go ahead and join me in this simple exercise.

Just look to your soul, yes  your soul. And open your mind.

Can you feel it now?

Maybe? Possibly? Could be? I hear Eloise asking what is it?

It’s a new vibration…

So what does it mean?

Individual results will vary based on age, sex, height, weight, activity level, and any chronic health conditions or diseases. Consult your conscience or benevolent benefactors before starting any vibrational plan. (LOL)

However what it could mean is,…

Maybe tomorrow

When He looks down

On every green field …ooh,… ooh…

And every town

All of his children

And every nation

There’ll be peace and good brotherhood….

Yes these things are possible and they can be becoming any day we choose to accept and allow them. Just Like God’s Forgiveness, Grace and Mercy are available fresh daily, so is the renewing of our minds and the transforming of hearts. 

“This is the very day of the Lord that brings gladness and joy, filling our hearts with glee”.

It is indeed  a day that the Lord has made, so why not rejoice and be glad in it? Gleefully celebrating rather than trudging our way through a monotony of tasks is certainly a better way to begin another day along our shared path we call “Becoming Today”.

So I have been having some fun today with the lyrics of a classic song by Tommy James and the Shondells. Perhaps some figured that out, though I intentionally omitted the chorus, during our discussion.

I also recognize that there are many others joining us here along our shared path, who were not born yet in 1969. That’s when the song, “Crystal Blue Persuasion”, charted as high as number two on the Billboard Charts. 

Hmmm … maybe some of you were even conceived during it? Anyway, that’s a question you can ask your mother if you really care to know.

During a time, not all that unlike our current seasons of life, when there were concerns voiced and raised about things like civil rights, saving the environment, gay liberation and feminism – a few different expressions however all these issues we still debate today. 

Tommy James was not afraid to embrace what was then called  the ‘counterculture’ and sing of the truths of peace and good brotherhood, though many with closed minds heard a song they thought was about drugs.

It was not. Something Tommy has testified about many times over the years, it was about being a Jesus follower.

He didn’t limit himself to just one offering either. While a little “Hanky, Panky” got him to the place where he could share his heart, he also overcame working for a record label that was a front for the Genovese crime family.

Proving no matter what circumstances you may find yourself in there is always a way to share the truth and be focused upon who you are “Becoming Today”.

I hope this musical interlude today is as uplifting and inspiring for you as it has been for me. So before we go, here is Tommy James offering us some “Crystal Blue Persuasion”:


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