Really? Is it? Nah, it doesn’t seem possible. However it appears that yes another week of the year has already come and gone.

So it’s time to look back at the week that was, however this weekend, we’ll do iot a little differently than we usually  do. I’ll explain next on this edition of “Becoming Today”.

Usually about this time of the week, I’ll recap what we’ve discussed in the previous days, however  due to some personal time constraints, I’ll do it differently.

Because of some personal commitments combined with the fact that much of the conversations we shared were done as images, I’ll just give you a tease, and then ask you to click the corresponding links. I appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

However I’ll also share a few random recollections and ramblings too. 

So the week did begin on Monday, nothing unusual there, however some may have thought the ideas I expressed may have been uncommon to say the least.

In “Silas and Paul”, a couple of compadres who found themselves often at odds with circumstances beyond their control and despite it all, they kept on. Remaining true to their call and their own ways of growing and sharing. 

With some musical overtones mixed in we talked about how these two have some very relevant messages for us. 

I hope I was able to bring a  smile to the start of your week as we took a somewhat humorous look at some valuable scripture. The lessons of Silas and Paul are many, and they point to perhaps many of today.

Neither knew they were  going to be called. They both lived life. Made mistakes, but eventually were known for who they were becoming. 

Paul, noted most often as the Apostle Paul, is credited with writing what is now considered two-thirds of the Bible. Silas was described as open minded, and believed that the message of Jesus Christ should not be restricted to a select few. They both endured hardships, learned many lessons and ultimately became who they were created to be.

Proving that it is possible for us as well.

Many of Paul’s situations and lessons still readily apply to us today. Earlier this year I did a mini-series of what I called conversations, where I imagined what it would be like if the Apostle Paul were here today, and trying to get his messages to us.

That was how we spent much of the week, as on Tuesday we found ourselves, “Refocusing: 21st Century Epistle”.

One thing is for certain, the way we communicate has changed  greatly over time.

So if the messages of the Bible were being shared today, how would that be done? 

That’s when I shared what it would be like if I began receiving a bunch of text messages from an inmate named Paul, who had messages he wanted to get out to the world. 

I hope you enjoyed our unique look at the word of the Apostle Paul and how he might share the 2nd Epistle of Titus in the 21st Century. 

On Wednesday we paused those thoughts for a moment or more precisely a day, while we resumed our weekly search and rescue mission for wisdom. In our combined study of Proverbs 24, I noted in “Your Warning”, for some reason whenever I hear that word warning, I hear it as a phrase.

“Warning, Warning! Danger! Will Robinson.” Then I see that robot flapping his arms around. 

While our conversation had nothing to do with androids or artificial intelligence, our discussion will focus on the dangers of not seeking wise advice that’s been available throughout the ages.

The first 22 verses of today’s reading wrap up the “Sayings of the Wise Sages”, in other translations called  “Thirty Sayings of the Wise”. 

Then the final 12 entries, continue to offer insights and while noted as “Revelations From The Wise”, apparently they do not involve the aforementioned ‘wise sages’. 

I have no idea what the requirement is to officially be considered a “sage”, (giggle) or why these final offerings today do not ascend to that level, but nevertheless they seem to me to be equally as important. 

Thursday we continued refocused on my chats with Paul. In doing so we were temporarily, “Blinded By The Light”.

Whether or not you are at the moment ‘revved up like a deuce’, we are going to discuss ‘another runner in the night’,  who was truly ‘blinded by the light’ and then spent his life sharing that light with all he could.

Then yesterday there were more messages from the lock up. In “Refocusing: Overcoming”, I speculated about how Paul might be shared  1 Corinthians 10:13, if he were here today.

And we’re not done yet on our next edition of “Becoming Today”, we’ll share one more chat from the Apostle as he prepares to make a move. Don’t miss that!

So before we head off into some time of rest and respite for this weekend here’s just some random thoughts and quotes that have been on my mind lately.

  • “Remember whose you are and whom you serve”. – Oswald Chambers
  • “Imagination is the highest kite one can fly.” – Lauren Bacall

Here is something I wrote just over a year ago that I was reminded of:

“Throughout time as we understand it, God has been gifting us with Grace. If we choose to accept it.  Therefore say yes and allow our “Becoming” to be. Let us trust our faithful God to deliver upon His promises to each of us. 

How amazing it is that Grace can provide for us and with us if we only trusted God all the time and in all things.”  – Rochelle Jeanette

  • “I have never known the Spirit of God to work where the Lord’s people were divided.” 

– D. L. Moody

  • ““Too often we hand the biggest microphone to the critics and the cynics who delight in declaring failure while those committed to making real progress do the hard work of governing.”  – President Joe Biden

Thanks again for stopping by. Have a safe, pleasant and blessed weekend, then come Monday join us again for our next edition of “Becoming Today”. 


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