Are You Feeling Affirmed?

Are you “feeling” it? You should be as we begin day four of our intensive immersion into affirming ourselves, your emotions definitely need to be a part of the process. 

Reviewing a bit, you should recall our discussions on:

So How Do We Create Positive Affirmations?

Good question. I’m so glad you asked. Here are some guidelines for creating effective affirming statements.

  1. Always start with the words “I am.” They are the two most powerful words in the English language and can change your life today.
  2. Always use the present tense.
  3. Always affirm what you want, not what you don’t want. 
  4. Always keep it simple.
  5. Always be specific.
  6. Always make it a call to action. Affirming is moving forward and upward now, not last week or maybe, some day.
  7. Always involve your positive emotions
  8. Always make the declarations for yourself, not others.

Do you notice a pattern here? Always. Yes Always follow these steps, follow the pattern and always be “Becoming”.

Also you had an assignment. I am confident you completed it with ease, grace and a flair for the life you are “Becoming”. In the sample affirmations I suggested as a working exercise, I intentionally left some blanks for your mind to fill in, so you can start to strengthen your “affirmation” muscles.

Now that you’ve got your warm up exercise complete, and your affirmation muscles have been stretched, let’s get busy “Becoming” affirmed.

When creating your affirmations, every word counts. Not only the spelling, also remember that even slight differences, like active tense, adjectives, empowering words can all have huge impacts on the returns.  The choices you make in selecting every word can directly impact the results you get. Since your words literally have the power to create  you must take the responsibility to invest in building the positive momentum of your affirmations. Remember I always believe our momentum in “Becoming” needs to be focused on forward and upward!

The following example is an affirmation I came across during a late night “surfing” session. In the interest of building momentum, focusing our direction and harnessing our power, let’s consider it as a shared learning activity:

“I will quit smoking with ease and joy, remembering the effects on my physical and mental health and preparing to live a longer life.”

Yes it is a call for you to take action. Yes it is a declarative assertion, a strong statement of intent. Yes it shows a rewarding aspect. However it is missing two key elements. Anyone?

Well first it does not begin with “I am”. Quite literally the number one and most important steps in the process. The two most powerful words in the English language, “I am” are the 2 Words that WILL Change Your Life Today.

Then they, the person who originally crafted the statement, noted they “are preparing” for the outcome. You should be affirming as the desired result is already the truth you are living. 

So let’s help them along with a re-write:

I am no longer a smoker, having now filled myself with ease and joy knowing that my physical and emotional health are greatly improved allowing me to continue living a long, happy life.”

See the difference? Words have meanings. Those meanings become power.

Take some time now to begin rewriting your affirmations. Grow them, hen make sure to at least double check your words.

Remember to consider your feelings. Emotions empower. They add vitality, urgency and truth to your assertions.

When creating your affirmations, remember every word counts.
-Rochelle Jeanette

Tomorrow we’ll continue and be in the process of completing our work towards affirming ourselves on the path to “Becoming”. 

Until then I’d like you to write out three affirmations following the guidelines we’ve been describing. Choose three very meaningful important aspects for your personal path. These should be life-altering improvements you desire deeply. Only you can boost your “Becoming”; so I pray you take my call to action seriously, focus intently and manifest no less than miracles.

When we speak again, we’ll fine tune your affirmations and discuss the how and when to put them to work. 

Meanwhile if you have questions or would like to share your experiences or insights, please feel free to do so in the comments below. If you’re not comfortable with stating it publicly, well first of all, you need to get over it. How can you affirm or boldly declare, if you won’t say it out loud? Secondly, you can always visit my Contact page, and use the form, to send me a private message. I will and do respond to all of them. 

Are you feeling affirmed? I am, so what are you waiting for? Get busy “Becoming Today”!


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