I’m Struggling With This Lenten Letter

Throughout this week, we’ve begun a 40-day process to help ourselves grow and be better able to be becoming. On Tuesday, I introduced the concept in “Illuminating Lent”. Since then I’ve dealt with issues of releasing, connecting the dots between letting go of guilt and shame plus seeking various types of peace.

Now on this edition of “Becoming Today”, I’m struggling as I am actively involved in a battle with the very thing I so want to stop doing.

Hello All,

I know this one is something I have to address, yet my motivation at the moment is low and the words are coming slow. Confused, disorganized and in disarray.

I know they will come however rather than trusting and finding my flow, I am beating myself up doing it.

What I really need to talk through right now is how I can give up self criticism.

I have long realized and publicly admitted that I am my own worst critic. I accept that this is unhealthy. I know that it is unnecessary and yet I am finding myself in a battle with the doubts that creep within. 

Psychologists will say it’s due to a form of introspective depression, while theologians will contend that any disease is caused by distance from God.

I honestly don’t think either end of those spectrums is at the root of my malaise.

While I’ll confess to having been a little blue this week, it’s not been a downward cycle and I have experienced joy and witnessed many smiles too. I also know God has been present with me, supporting my walk and providing plenty of synchronicities along the way.

I am actively casting my cares, so there must be something I am missing. 

In my studies and teachings on self awareness and self care over the years, I have come to understand certain steps and processes should aid me.

Among these are Refocusing. Setting my thoughts on higher things rather than appearances, circumstances and perceived perceptions. 

Replacing the negative thoughts with inspirational ones….

I needed to pause here for a minute and try that again as I felt myself lowering the hammer on my creative endeavors. Some of the advice I gave myself came from:

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  (Philippians 4:13)

“I can accept failure. Everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.”– Michael Jordan

“Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth, but what is good for necessary edification, that it may impart grace to the hearers.”  (Ephesians 4:29)

“I’ll tell you what freedom is to me—no fear.”- Nina Simone

Rewriting. Journaling my way through the issue, which is what I’m really trying to do right here.

Still my mind is lost in a fog, I feel as if I’m drifting aimlessly and yet I understand that if I just try to bury this doubt all I am doing is digging a hole. Deeper and deeper, more difficult to climb out of.

So I ask you today, what have you done to help yourself in similar situations? How can I look past the streaks and see myself clearly in the mirror again?

I’m eager to hear from you. Thank you in advance for your assistance.


As I’ve noted throughout the week, your participation is always welcomed, sincerely appreciated and today truly desired.

You can share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section. Which if you’re on the website follows below. Or if you’re a daily subscriber, you can click on the headline at the beginning of the conversation and be taken there.

Also if you’d like to raise questions or share in a less public manner, you can always send a message through our Contact page. 

Think about it. Pray about it. Meditate on it. Consider it and take some time to enjoy your weekend. Then we hope you decide to join us come Monday for our next edition of “Becoming Today”. 


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