The subjugation to suppression, bondage, and duress. In this case not to another person. Not to an entity. Not by governmental action, nor criminal activity. 

The enslavement I need to “give up” is to the issues lingering from within, that are holding me captive and preventing me from moving on.

That’ll be the focus of this edition of “Becoming Today”.

Before I offer today’s letter, I want to recap the process we’ve been sharing for the past 30 days.

Neither the word Lent, nor any indication of it being a prescribed religious practice appear in the Scriptures. Though the basis for the concept is most definitely in the Bible.

It is a time for Jesus followers to attempt to mirror the 40-days spent in the desert fasting and enduring temptation by Satan. The accounts of those days, which came before His public ministry are reported in the Gospels of Luke, Mark and Matthew.

Now the word Lent comes from the time of year that the events took place. Derived from an Old English word that means springtime, or more specifically the lengthening of the days.

The idea of giving something up between now and Easter or Resurrection Sunday, came from the suffering and temptations Jesus made as he prepared for the ultimate sacrifice He would make for us all. 

This year It has been put upon my heart to deeply explore this Lenten season with a focus on forgiveness and becoming more penitent. 

Not an entirely new idea, but as I often do, I’m holding myself to some higher standards. The exercise I have been doing, and inviting you to take part in as well, is “Lenten Letters”.

I am continuing to write a letter  a day addressing something that I need to release, revise or rejuvenate in my life. 

It has been my intention to let the Spirit guide me into identifying the area of need, and then seeking resolution and support for them. In releasing the ties that bind, I know that growth and healing will follow. My goal is that will refresh my perspective and lead me to my own series of resurrections along our shared path.

I also am encouraging you to consider doing your own exercise. Whether in a journal, a document, video diary or scribbled on the back of  a receipt just select whatever form you feel most comfortable with.  Plus just because I’ll be doing them daily, you don’t need to, just set your own standards and goals as for the frequency.

Today I am finding the need to release myself from enslavement.

Dear Rochelle,

I am feeling disconnected, disenfranchised and at times oppressed. I see myself as shackled to an inability to take action, allowing me to be dominated by the tyranny of my own mind.

The battlefield of my mind has been the leading headline in these past weeks. 

A disconnect between the brain’s knowledge and my heart’s passion is obvious and I am continuing to seek release from the fetters that are preventing me from reuniting the two. 

I am enslaved to my doubts, fears and questions. This is not good. Worse yet I am the one responsible for my own vassalage.

This is not a place I want to be. These are not conditions I wish to remain in. I am yearning for something far different. 

I am seeking to break the chains and return to a place of liberation and emancipation.

Yes I want to be free again. 

Like the song proclaims:

One day child, I won’t have to listen to your lies

On that day, I’ll be able to make up my own mind

You know, I think I done finally realized

And now I think I can put you out of my life

I’m gonna be free! (I want to be free to run away)

I’m gonna be free! (I want to be free to run away)

I’m gonna be free! (I want to be free to speak my mind, all the time)…”

Yes girl I’m tired of the lies you keep telling yourself. 

I’m ready to re-convince my mind and put them out of my life. 

I am ready to be free, free indeed.

This is the first step. Declaring my intention. The next step to put those words into action. The third is to continue in due diligence until, my freedom is restored, giving up my personal enslavement.

Thanks for listening. 

If you need to reach me I’ll be spreading my wings, trusting in the Lord to lift me higher. For “in the Lord (I) will find new strength”. I “will soar high on wings like eagles”.

Preparing to soar once more, and hoping you’ll join me, 


Thorough self examination, meditation, contemplation and prayers are the places where we can begin to formulate the answers we seek. In order to continue building momentum, which I believe should always be focused on moving both forward and upward, let’s revisit an earlier discussion to be better prepared and equipped for the trip ahead. 

Finding the freedom to renew, rejuvenate and revitalize yourself begins with an understanding of all that being free means. Here is an abbreviated version of my 8 Steps to Freedom:

  1. Check and Protect your Self Esteem

Your self-worth has everything to do with the ability to free yourself. Challenge your negative thinking.Be aware that long-held thoughts and beliefs can feel normal and factual, even though they are not. Often these false perceptions are just opinions devoid of any truth.  Then make sure you are not getting involved in patterns of self delusion or accepting falsehoods as the truth.

  1. Live Authentically and Expectantly 

Always be expecting, and expecting nothing less than the best.  Let your inner light be your guide. Connect with the Spirit through quiet reflection, meditation or prayer. Seek the wisdom of your heart-center when you are faced with important choices and decisions.

Be your highest self. Remember who you are intended to be.

Let go of habits, routines and people that no longer serve you. Release guilt and anxiety. Surround yourself with those who love you, believe in you, and only want the best for you.

Speak your truth. Find your voice. Use your words. Express yourself. Do not limit yourself. The truth will set you free.

Learn to trust your intuition.  Follow your heart, your spirit and the mind will follow. I knew for decades, those hunches were right. Plus when I did listen I was either very successful or well protected, whatever the need of the moment was. At the same time though, society would try to mock “women’s intuition”. Well you know what? “They” only attack what they fear.

Recognize connections. There is an invisible web of connection between people, events and even the places in your life. This is how God nudges and guides you towards your destiny.I know and have given testimony many times, in many ways as to how I have been led throughout my life. I only ask that it continues and truly it is. 

Live courageously. What would you do if you were not afraid? Take risks. Step out of your comfort zone. What happens when you make a decision, it either works or it doesn’t. Go ahead I dare you to, just like I did myself!

Celebrate Life.  Live it. Feel it. Be it. Honor yourself by living every day to the fullest.

It was only through conquering my fears and doubts, accepting help and challenges plus surrendering all that I could that I realized I am now and will continue to be living my truly authentic life. It’s all part of “Becoming” and has delivered me to a place where I can finally honestly, boldly proclaim:

“I love Life. I love the Lord. I love myself”.

  1. Empower Yourself and Learning to Say “NO”

Dive into your strength. You’re only limited by your own thoughts. Create a shift in your thinking;  empower yourself to live the life you want. Ask for ( and receive) the support of your higher power. 

Accept that you can and should say “NO”. For women this is often hard. We are not being selfish, if we have to put someone off for a while. Nancy Reagan tried to teach us all to just say “NO” to drugs plus how many times have you had to tell him, “NO”!

  1. Practice Forgiveness

You can not create a state of “Becoming”, if you aren’t willing to let the former or current  realities go.This is a vital part of “Becoming”. Not only forgiving others for perceived wrongs, and asking for forgiveness from those you may have hurt but also forgiving yourself.

It is then, and only then, that you can let go of anger, guilt, shame, or any other feeling limiting your growth. Let it go. Face forward, look upward and you get busy moving on.

  1. Be Grateful

See the good in everything and everyone. Cherish beauty, kindness, love, and joy. I believe everyday should be Thanksgiving. I am constantly giving gratitude for all things including the lessons we sometimes don’t want or think we need.

Being grateful puts us in a better state. One of bliss, joy and abundance. When you decide to adopt and commit to an attitude of gratitude, God listens and rewards you. 

  1. Realize Reactions Resonate

As one of my favorite quotes from Chuck Swindoll reminds us,  “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”

So begin by accepting the fact that you are  co-Creator. You are more than capable of choosing the right actions when pushed, promised or promoted. Accept Personal Responsibility.  In order to fully accept your reality, you must take ownership of any role you may have played, good or bad, in leading you to where you are.  When you do, then you can work on decisions for the next steps. 

  1. Love Thy Self

Be free to love yourself. When you do, then you are free to love others. Be vulnerable. Opening yourself to growth. To me it seems the best way  to heal is by learning a lesson from the situation, then using it to be “Becoming”.  Channel your thoughts, intentions, desires and energies into focusing on growth and building that momentum that moves both forward and upward. 

Do not get stuck in the “coulda, woulda, shoulda” mentality. Hanging onto what should have happened, what could have happened, or what you wished would have happened, give yourself motivation to get over it. Release it and heal. Or keep a grip on it and be paralyzed; immobilized by feelings of pain and bad memories. 

      8. Always Be “Becoming”

Let your emotions flow freely. Do not keep things bottled up. Burying your feelings not only causes the pain to  remain, oftentimes it can increase and have negative physical effects on our bodies ( and minds) as well.  You are not the only one who has ever been afraid to face a negative or painful emotion, just realize you need to do it. Face your fears, breathe and let them pass through you. Do not allow them to define you. 

In the meantime focus on gaining momentum, which I believe should always be focused forward and upward.

This has been a highly charged week for me, as I continue pressing on in what has been a very emotional season. I am confident saying I am healing and learning. I am restoring my individual becoming.

With “Open Arms”, “Faithfully” knowing the “Wheel In The Sky”keeps on turning, I say to you “After All These Years”; “Don’t Stop Believin’”.

Before we go our “Separate Ways” for the remainder of this weekend, perhaps that is a pretty good retro playlist for a time such as this, on our shared Journey

Click the links above ⤴ and dance like no one is watching. It can settle the mind, restore balance and allow us to be more grounded as we resume our shared path.

Then come Monday, I hope you’ll join us again for our next edition of “Becoming Today”. 

BTW… Thank you for your continued support. This is our 700th conversation that we’ve shared along this journey and I’m hopeful for another 700 ( at least) to come.


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