Four Years After…

Suddenly, in an instant it all changed. My path. My life. My outlook. My health. I’ll explain on this edition of “Becoming Today”.  In less than a second everything went dark. I could see nothing. I could hear nothing. As I came to, I could not move. I lay there motionless, unable to call out.Continue reading “Four Years After…”

Reigniting Revival With Wisdom

If that sounds like a lot, well it was. Another busy week has come and is slipping now in the future. Speaking of which, next week will also deal with some deeply personal testimonies of mine as I noted this past Monday, we are approaching a date that holds multiple milestones for me. It’s aContinue reading “Reigniting Revival With Wisdom”


This week I’ve been sharing from some deeply personal lessons. I’ve noted, “isn’t it ironic that you are asked to be the strongest when you feel the weakest?”. There have been extended periods of time where I was trying to battle physical issues to keep up with day to day tasks. As I struggled withContinue reading “Reigniting”

11 Steps Towards Becoming

It’s been a very busy time here at “Becoming Today”. Since we’ve each on our own walk and collectively along our shared path have been ushering in a time of Transformative Trasition, I thought today to ensure our continued forward momentum we should look back at some of the insights and steps we’ve been discussing.Continue reading “11 Steps Towards Becoming”

The Virtues of Wisdom

We are continuing, moving forward with week 17 of our extended odyssey, having undertaken a search and rescue mission for wisdom. Seventeen down, 14 more to go… When the Scriptures bring up points about the same issues over and over it is because of their importance. That’s why Solomon continues  on the themes  of lovingContinue reading “The Virtues of Wisdom”

Revisiting My Relocation

Yesterday I mentioned that next week is a time that has some major milestone moments for me. In “Reviving My Revival”, I noted that I wanted to take some time to revisit these momentous occasions to prepare for a better understanding of how impactful these events have been becoming. On this edition of “Becoming Today”,Continue reading “Revisiting My Relocation”

Reviving My Revival

It was nearly one year ago that I ventured out to points unknown. The anniversary of that trip, next week also coincides with another life altering course of events I had experienced three years prior to that.  With these milestone moments coming up, today I want to take some time to revisit the unforeseen eventsContinue reading “Reviving My Revival”

Saturday Scrutiny

It’s that time already. That moment when we look back at the week that was, here along our shared path, we call, “Becoming Today”.  So where to begin? Let’s start at the end and work our way back to the onset.  Yesterday in “Friday Freedom”, we shared some really random thoughts, quotes, verses and ideas.Continue reading “Saturday Scrutiny”

Friday Freedom

Much of what we’ve been discussing this past week, and well all month long so far, has had to do with freedom. So let’s extend that spirit as I’ll freely express some somewhat random thoughts on this edition of “Becoming Today”. Today on this free form Friday, some really random thoughts, quotes, verses and ideas.Continue reading “Friday Freedom”

Compassionate Consideration

This week our shared focus has been on issues of ensuring an atmosphere conducive to growing and becoming. At times our discussion has pointed towards a need to change our combined perspectives and perhaps redefine the so-called norms. In order to do this we need to find a starting point. That is where compassion returnsContinue reading “Compassionate Consideration”

Living Like A Queen

Speaking the truth, setting the standards, raising the bar of excellence- not only for our own lives but also for all those around us. That’s just part of what today’s exploration will reveal.  We are continuing, now on week 16 of our extended odyssey, having undertaken a search and rescue mission for wisdom. When theContinue reading “Living Like A Queen”

Agree to Disagree

Yes I once again have some words stuck in my head. Three simple words that I can not recall the last time I heard anyone utter in this particular order.  A simple yet insightful phrase. Fifteen letters separated by two spaces that are so needed right now. Yes, those words are in today’s headline: “AgreeContinue reading “Agree to Disagree”

Let Freedom Reign

Happy 4th of July! When last we spoke I indicated that today we’ll share some time together discussing ‘We The People’. We’ll look at why 246 years ago at least one of the nation’s Founding Fathers felt assured the day would and should be celebrated. Together we’ll also examine what ‘being deeply rooted in U.S.Continue reading “Let Freedom Reign”

Celebrating The Week That Was and Will Be

Before we get to our look back at the week that was , I want to share a little about what is ahead here, during this extended holiday weekend. With the Monday holiday in the U.S., commonly referred to as the 4th of July, it is our Independence Day celebration.  Record numbers of travelers areContinue reading “Celebrating The Week That Was and Will Be”

Your Responsibilities To Your Rights

So you get that there is a whole lot here and there will be discussions well beyond this moment concerning these integral aspects of living, right?  Lately I Have been thinking a lot about rights. Our rights. My rights, your rights and the right to those rights without infringing upon the rights of others.  NowContinue reading “Your Responsibilities To Your Rights”

Renewal Declared

A new month is arriving and here at Becoming Today I am, like our forefathers did, declaring life affirming principles. I declare July will be a month of Renewal. Yes I said declaring it, and boldly so, because it is something that not only am I feeling strongly led to for myself, but as IContinue reading “Renewal Declared”

Decidedly Better

Certainly something to aspire for on our shared path of “Becoming Today”. Overcoming wickedness with grace and decorum are some of the wise aspects we’ll look as we continue along our search and rescue mission for wisdom We are continuing, now on week 15 of our extended odyssey, having undertaken a search and rescue missionContinue reading “Decidedly Better”

Seeking Commitment? Or Covenant?

Often I ask for your input In doing so I told you that coming soon,we would be undertaking a discussion about commitments. But wait,… there’s more. What I didn’t tell you was I was having a bit of a quandary myself about commitments, covenants, the differences between the two, and whether or not my standardsContinue reading “Seeking Commitment? Or Covenant?”