The Proverbial Search

Welcome to an extended odyssey along our shared path here at “Becoming Today”. Over the next month we will undertake a search and rescue mission for wisdom. Understanding that enlightenment is within our reach we shall seek and find the knowledge and inspiration necessary to uplift, support and enhance our collective journeys as well asContinue reading “The Proverbial Search”

Patiently Seeking Wisdom

The search for wisdom is both enlightening and should be always active along our shared journey. In the coming days and weeks we’ll be taking an indepth look at wisdom and our inherent ability to seek and find it.  I’ll talk more about that in a few moments, however first I ask for some patienceContinue reading “Patiently Seeking Wisdom”

Invest In Yourself

Is it really Thursday already? And oh yeah welcome to Autumn. Like we’ve been discussing throughout this week, seasons change literally and metaphorically Another week of this year of 20/20 +1 has just flown by. While speeding ahead forward, today we’ll take a look at what may still be in sight of our rear viewContinue reading “Invest In Yourself”

Patiently Forbearant

Do you ever just get a word stuck in your head? It seems to just pop in there, from out of nowhere and then won’t leave you alone? If it has happened to you, then you can empathise with the feeling that it can be quite maddening. Bouncing around the left brain, right brain, tipContinue reading “Patiently Forbearant”


Yesterday we began the week by noting the changing seasons. Both on the calendar and in the potential for reaping an abundant harvest in our own lives.  Changes can be quick, sudden, even unexpected but  more often than not they are gradual and develop over time. This process also involves effort, dedication and commitment. OnContinue reading “Waiting,…”

Falling Into Change

Without a doubt seasons change. This is true not only on the calendar but for each of our lives as well. This week, Wednesday (September 22nd) marks such a passage in time. We will welcome the Autumnal (or Fall) Equinox.  This day could be perceived as when the darkness starts to win. I’m not givingContinue reading “Falling Into Change”

Committed To Empowering Joyful Notches

Over the past week, our conversation here on “Becoming Today”, focused on our commitments to empowering joy in our lives as well as being vessels of compassionate, positive energy.  Operating within certain “notches”, what resonated for me was some positive reinforcement. I’ve known for a while it’s not the circumstances of life, it’s me.  NotContinue reading “Committed To Empowering Joyful Notches”

Accentuate The Positive

Quoting an old song, our headline today can be pronounced as Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive.  Good advice. A positive mental attitude brings joy into our lives and boosts the spirits of all those we encounter. On this edition of of “Becoming Today”, we’ll sing along in our discussion as we consider why, “You’ve got to accentuateContinue reading “Accentuate The Positive”

Failure Is An Option

Too many times we hear, see, and read messages, attempting to reinforce that failure is not allowed. That failing at something marks you for life as less than. Nothing could be further than the truth. Failure is not only an option but as we’ll discuss here on “Becoming Today” it is also inevitable.  No humanContinue reading “Failure Is An Option”

Empowering Your Joy

Joy is one of the greatest gifts we can receive.  I pray that you are consistently developing and redeveloping your joy.  Finding it, unleashing it, sharing it always be “Becoming” joyful, joy filled and joyous. A lack of joy is of our own creation, it is born from how we choose to respond to circumstances. Continue reading “Empowering Your Joy”

Contractually Committed

Recently I asked for your input. I told you that coming soon,we would be undertaking a discussion about commitments. But wait,… there’s more. What I didn’t tell you was I was having a bit of a quandary myself about commitments, covenants, the differences between the two, and whether or not my standards were too high.Continue reading “Contractually Committed”

Of These Things I Pray

Last week we talked a bit about some formal and basic ways of praying. Today on this edition of “Becoming Today” I want to share a more personal approach to prayer. In the Bible we are taught that prayer is an evolving, ever changing, developing, growing means of interacting with God.  Most often it isContinue reading “Of These Things I Pray”

Ensuring Graceful Timing

This week I have been thinking a lot about timing. The decisions, choices and options we have related to when things will occur and trusting that the timing is right on schedule. This is another of life’s lessons pointing to my belief that those of us on this shared adventure of “Becoming Today”, need toContinue reading “Ensuring Graceful Timing”

Trusting In Quickly, Soon…

Is it really Wednesday already? Well it is in my part of the planet. It seems like this week is slipping by, however that’s partially due to some recent unexpected events. For me September began with a bang. Literally, a huge boom! And all of  sudden I could not see where I was headed andContinue reading “Trusting In Quickly, Soon…”

Authentically You

Hope your week continues well and is peaceful on many levels, I’ve been thinking about something I know many people ponder, questions and wonder about. Am I living an authentic life? This is something that I struggled with for years and only within the recent past I honestly answer yes.  Like many for years IContinue reading “Authentically You”

Trust the Timing

It happens to everyone. There are times along our journey where we simply do not see movement. We may feel stuck, but we are being held in place, so we can be better prepared for our next step, our next realization. Here at “Becoming Today”  being held in place is all about timing. And keepingContinue reading “Trust the Timing”