From Within: UnLearning Fear

We began our week together with a discussion of why “UnLearning” is so important. Now moving forward we’ll focus on the first of three areas that I have come to realize we must address with our “UnLearning”. Let’s talk about why the sooner you can release and overcome fear, the better we all are. That’sContinue reading “From Within: UnLearning Fear”

From Within: UnLearning Revisited

This week I am feeling the need to reexamine some steps taken along our shared path. These are some skills that we should reconsider on a more regular basis. Also the time we first discussed them, has in retrospect turned out to have been at a life-altering moment for me. It was when things IContinue reading “From Within: UnLearning Revisited”

The Only Thing That There’s Just Too Little Of

Earlier this week, something occurred that we didn’t, at the moment,  have time to take note of. However it keeps causing me to have melodies floating through my mind.  On Wednesday, legendary composer Burt Bacharach passed away. Of all his many award winning compositions there is one, that for me holds so true. It isContinue reading “The Only Thing That There’s Just Too Little Of”

Living Without Worry

I trust you have been enjoying a wonderful week. As we continue to build our momentum of “Becoming”, which always focuses on moving forward and upward, let’s go within and begin. Release your understanding upon your actions. Live it and gracefully acknowledge. Accept grace, joy and wisdom. Give thanks for it with a grateful heart.Continue reading “Living Without Worry”

Are You Truly Trusting?

Trust is one of those things we’re constantly told we should be doing and sometimes we believe we are. However that’s not always the case even if we believe what we are saying.  On this edition of Becoming Today it’s time to discuss trust, what it is, why it’s important and whether or not youContinue reading “Are You Truly Trusting?”

I’m Ready. Are You?

We say we are ready for things. Ready for things to get better. Desiring for more. Even claiming to be ready for change. But are we really?  On this edition of “Becoming Today”, we’ll look at the question of whether or not you are ready to receive; plus we’ll explore three areas of focus toContinue reading “I’m Ready. Are You?”

Energized Through Tenacity

Yesterday in our discussion of  what it means to act with “Tenacity Comes From Within,  I shared a definition and posed some questions for you. On this edition of “Becoming Today”, so you don’t miss out, I’ll ask them again allowing you to reflect upon them, while I answer a question I get asked quiteContinue reading “Energized Through Tenacity”

Tenacity Comes From Within

I’ll admit this one has taken me a while to pull together. I first became inspired by the topic just before Thanksgiving and then sat down no fewer than eight times to put it together.  So I can testify this is a very recent lesson I’ve been called to explore, that I’ll share with youContinue reading “Tenacity Comes From Within”


Is it just me, or did this week just fly by? As we transcended another month as well and even were visited by a prognosticating rodent it was another busy week here at “Becoming Today”. Taking a look back, I feel like doing it in reverse from our normal reviews. So beginning with the end,Continue reading “Already?”

Forgiving Begins Within

Continuing along the shared path we call, “Becoming Today”, our journey has come to a fork. We must decide, choose wisely and then take action on forgiving both others and ourselves. Recently we shared how mercy and compassion are often braided together. Mercy is a gift given to one who is suffering by someone whoseContinue reading “Forgiving Begins Within”

Seeing Your Shadow

No it’s not a dream and hopefully you are not living the same moments, scenarios, situations or decisions over and over, and over again. Welcome to Groundhog’s Day, that one, 24-hour period where each year, when highly trained scientists are upset that you have more faith in a prognosticating rodent, rather than your local TVContinue reading “Seeing Your Shadow”

Looking In Our Mirror

Over the past now more than two years we’ve had discussions on how to  Free Yourself. We spoke about finding freedom, from burdens, limitations, false beliefs and freeing ourselves to be “Becoming Today”. Let’s now through our lens of viewing things within, explore these concepts in a refreshed perspective. Finding the freedom to renew, rejuvenateContinue reading “Looking In Our Mirror”

Renewing Your Perspective

Another month is coming to an end here at Becoming Today and looking ahead I am declaring February to be a month of Renewal. Yes I said declaring it, and boldly so, because it is something that not only am I feeling strongly led to for myself, but as I look around we have suchContinue reading “Renewing Your Perspective”

Renewing From Within

As I write this, it is a slow paced, quiet tranquil morning. With a cold front bearing down upon us, rather than the day heating up, as the sun rises- temperatures are dropping and will continue to fall. Old man Winter is indeed reminding us of his presence, and purpose. While this season is aContinue reading “Renewing From Within”

Renewing and Reviewing

Hello, welcome and I almost can’t find the words to say how glad I am to be rewriting this message. This is not the one I thought you would be reading today. The conversation I thought we would have to be sharing was not a point in our journey I was ready for. And apparentlyContinue reading “Renewing and Reviewing”

Only You Can Be You

There is no doubt about that. No two are exactly alike, nor were we intended to be. That’s why only you can be you. So on this edition of “Becoming Today”, together we’ll reexamine our individual approaches to accepting ourselves. Sounds simple, right? Well just maybe it’s one of those things that sounds easier thanContinue reading “Only You Can Be You”

Declaring Victory Over Ourselves

The concepts we’ve been discussing this week for some of you we may have shared before. As we’ve now been walking this path together for over two years there are some lessons we need to recall plus I’m recognizing the realization that many more people have joined us. However, as there often is, there isContinue reading “Declaring Victory Over Ourselves”

From Within: Deciding?

This week we’ve been taking a look at some concepts many of you may have shared with us before. As we’ve now been walking this shared path together for over two years there are some lessons we need to recall and I’m recognizing the realization that many more people have joined us. However, as thereContinue reading “From Within: Deciding?”