“Becoming”: The Season of Acceptance

Much of “Becoming” involves embracing the need for change, it is the only way in which we can truly grow, develop and realize our potentials.  Life is a process. A repetitive one. We learn, grow, become then question, learn, grow and continue “Becoming”. As we continue to walk this path together, today our focus onContinue reading ““Becoming”: The Season of Acceptance”

“Becoming”: 28 Seasons

As the seasons change we are preparing ourselves for a time of awakening, blossoming and reemerging. When last we spoke, I mentioned that the coming season of Spring does have some spiritual implications. It represents waking from a period of hibernation, a time when we are suddenly made aware of the possibilities of new life,Continue reading ““Becoming”: 28 Seasons”

“Becoming”: Seasons Change

Welcome back and hopefully this weekend you remembered to spring forward. With Daylight Savings Time causing us to reset clocks, watches and try to remember how to reset all those time enabled devices on kitchen gadgets and in our vehicles it is, pun intended, a timely reminder that  the seasons are changing. This week we’llContinue reading ““Becoming”: Seasons Change”

“Becoming”: Expressions Evaluated

Much like the high winds we’ve been experiencing here, I can’t believe how fast this week has flown by. But alas I must, because it is true, it has happened and quicker than I can type this, we’ve already slipped further into the future. Today we’ll take a look back at our discussions from throughoutContinue reading ““Becoming”: Expressions Evaluated”

“Becoming”: Living Your Words

Expressions of our idioms have been central to our discussions this week. We began by talking about how a single word can change our path at any given moment.Then we explored  why carefully choosing our words to boldly declare certainly enhances our shared path, leading you to great success. While not guarding your vocabulary canContinue reading ““Becoming”: Living Your Words”

“Becoming”: Confident In Your Words

This week all began with a single word. One that was stuck in my head and since I have been remaining forbearant in our discussions along the power of words, the need to effectively communicate and how we can empower ourselves and our messages.  Choosing your words carefully can lead you to great success, whileContinue reading ““Becoming”: Confident In Your Words”

“Becoming”: Choose Your Words

“Carefully”… is how Grandma always finished that thought. And yes it still is great advice today. Choosing your words carefully can lead you to great success, while not guarding your vocabulary can have the opposite effect ensuring your failure.  When last we spoke, I asked you to begin to formulate your bold declarations, but thenContinue reading ““Becoming”: Choose Your Words”

Becoming: Purposefully Prayerful

Another week has flown by here at “Becoming Today”. I hope it has been as rewarding for you as it has been for me. In this edition we’ll review the knowledge gained over the last several days and how to apply it to our future. This week we are focusing on the concept of prayer.Continue reading “Becoming: Purposefully Prayerful”

Becoming: Applying Your Purpose

Time for more work. If you’ve been with us for a while you may have noticed we are action-centric here at “Becoming Today”.  When last we spoke, I asked you to focus on gaining momentum, which I believe should always be focused forward and upward. So far this week, we’ve discussed what is prayer, howContinue reading “Becoming: Applying Your Purpose”

Becoming: Momentum For Purpose

Developing your prayer life empowers you. When we do we are strengthened lifting our minds, hearts and spirits. So yesterday I urged you to take a prayerful intercession. Asking the Lord to help reveal your life’s purpose, noting it would  be healing, calming, strengthening, building, growing and most of all “Becoming”. I asked you toContinue reading “Becoming: Momentum For Purpose”

Becoming: Pray For Your Purpose

This week we are exploring the purpose of prayer in our “Becoming” and today will extend our conversation to include praying for our purpose. More on that in a moment but first, when we last spoke, I hope you’ll recall this part of the discussion. Practice makes perfect. The old adage holds true especially whenContinue reading “Becoming: Pray For Your Purpose”

Becoming: Developing Your Prayer Life

This week we are focusing on the concept of prayer. What is it? How to correctly use it and what to expect from it. Yesterday we began with a definition and centered our discussions around three questions, Prayer in the Bible is an evolving means of interacting with God, most frequently through a spontaneous, individual,Continue reading “Becoming: Developing Your Prayer Life”

“Becoming”: Let’s Pray

I pray that you enjoyed a safe and relaxing weekend, as we look forward to this week on our shared path, it is another one based upon taking action and keeping our eyes focused upward. Last week here at “Becoming Today” we encouraged you to work on casting, releasing, receiving. All actions, occurring in theContinue reading ““Becoming”: Let’s Pray”

Becoming: Actively Active

As the headline suggests it has been a week of action here at “Becoming Today”. Casting, releasing, receiving. All actions, occurring in the active tense, requiring us to be Actively Active in decisions, deeds, and dedication. Let’s look back, review and repeat as our next steps along this shared path. A key element of beingContinue reading “Becoming: Actively Active”

“Becoming”: Releasing

Lightening our load, releasing our burdens, freeing ourselves to seek our destiny is all a part of being “Becoming”.  Yesterday I outlined a strategy for you to develop your own ‘casting plan’.  None of us need to weigh ourselves down with emotional baggage. We don’t have to carry the burden of our worries. Nor mustContinue reading ““Becoming”: Releasing”