Becoming A Giver

This week we’ve established that at times we all need help. Acknowledging it can be difficult to ask for help, we outlined steps to allow ourselves to ask for help. Realizing that  receiving is part of life,that it has nothing to do with worthiness, we acknowledge that in learning how to accept help we areContinue reading “Becoming A Giver”

Accepting Help

If by no other means than just simply listening to music we should all be able to comprehend that there is not one person who can go through life without needing help at one time or another, and then again. Submitted for your consideration some song lyrics about help…. “Oh, I get by with aContinue reading “Accepting Help”

Asking For Help

Help is something that at more than one time or another we all need. However  for many, including myself, it’s been difficult if not impossible to ask for. Why is that? Glad you asked because Asking for Help is the focus of our latest conversation here on Becoming Today. Yesterday I shared a deep, intenselyContinue reading “Asking For Help”

Integrity Is Integral

Is it Friday already? This year of 20/20+1 continues to fly by and I hope you are finding your personal progress along our shared path quickening as well. With a busy weekend ahead for many, as we celebrate both Father’s Day and the official start of Summer on Sunday, the festivities and stress relieving distractionsContinue reading “Integrity Is Integral”

Renewed From Worry

As we continue to build our momentum of “Becoming”, which always focuses on moving forward and upward, let’s go within and begin. Yesterday I asked you to consider three question: Do you like yourself? Do you love yourself? Do you respect yourself? I pray you took time to ponder them, reflect and now are rejoiningContinue reading “Renewed From Worry”


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