Reaffirming The Golden Rule

Recited, quoted, and repeated again; so well known for many centuries I fear at times the Golden Rule has become perceived as a cliche, rather than the substantive, universal truth we all need. Perhaps more now than ever before. In this edition of Becoming Today we’ll explore the truths and values contained in this wisdomContinue reading “Reaffirming The Golden Rule”

Comfortable Not Knowing

It really is true, sometimes you really do not need to know.  On our shared path of “Becoming Today”, we all must deal with our own consequences, the result of our actions, decisions, attitudes and beliefs.  So why not make it so we are celebrating the outcomes rather than trying to repair, overcome or runContinue reading “Comfortable Not Knowing”

Seasonal Adjustments

Much of “Becoming” involves embracing the need for change, it is the only way in which we can truly grow, develop and realize our potentials.  Life is a process. A repetitive one. We learn, grow, become then question, learn, grow and continue “Becoming”. As we continue to walk this path together, today our focus isContinue reading “Seasonal Adjustments”

Seasonal Forecast

This past week I’ve been preparing for and adjusting to some seasonal changes in not only my environment, but also my attitudes and thoughts.  You can not create a state of “Becoming”, if you aren’t willing to let the former or current  realities go and go with the natural flow of accepting change. So onContinue reading “Seasonal Forecast”

Nurturing Our Real Character

Is it just me? Or is anyone else surprised to realize that this is already for the fourth Saturday of the year “+2”? Well it is, and as time continues to slip into our future, on this edition of “Becoming Today” we’ll glance over our shoulders the week that was. It began as seemingly allContinue reading “Nurturing Our Real Character”

Overcoming Procrastination

If your first response to the headline was, ‘why would I want that?’  Well then this is not a post for you. For the rest of us, overcoming procrastination and sometimes procrastinators is something we all have to address in this process of “Becoming”.  On this edition of “Becoming Today”, we’ll look at this issue,Continue reading “Overcoming Procrastination”

So Ordered

Two words. Simple. Easy to spell. By themselves just kind of ordinary. However when you place them side by side they are very powerful. On this edition of Becoming Today” we’ll delve into this phrase of “So Ordered” and why it got stuck in my head.  From time to time I share about some ofContinue reading “So Ordered”

Making Your Reality Real

Before we can accelerate into our future, we need to carefully and thoughtfully put things in reverse for a moment, back up, and unload, so we can continue on with plenty of space for our new attitudes, understandings and development. You can not create a state of “Becoming”, if you aren’t willing to let theContinue reading “Making Your Reality Real”

Nurturing Your Self

As we progress together along our shared path, I’ve mentioned the concept of Self-Care quite a bit. So on this edition of “Becoming Today” let’s explore what it is, what it is not and then offer some helpful and hopefully fun suggestions for you to embrace in your daily rituals. What is Self-Care? On theContinue reading “Nurturing Your Self”

Always Dreaming of the Content of Our Character

Today with certain exceptions, in America we pause to remember a man who was definitely a testament to “Becoming.” Overcoming struggles not only of his own, but also along with millions of other people. His life on this plain ending far too soon, we pause from our regular format to remember and reflect on theContinue reading “Always Dreaming of the Content of Our Character”

Responsibly Seeking Kindness, Mercy and Forgiveness with Integrity

Okay I realize it seems like a long title today, however with just 8 words comprising 66 characters we have summed up the busy week that was here at “Becoming Today”. Let’s review the conversations we had  along our shared path from the past few days. Beginning with You Have The Right To Be Responsible.Continue reading “Responsibly Seeking Kindness, Mercy and Forgiveness with Integrity”

Our Path of Forgiveness

Continuing along the shared path we call, “Becoming Today”, our journey has come to a fork. We must decide, choose wisely and then take action on forgiving both others and ourselves. Yesterday we shared how mercy and compassion are often braided together. Mercy is a gift given to one who is suffering by someone whoseContinue reading “Our Path of Forgiveness”

Mercy Is Free

Accepting that we can embrace love as perhaps the greatest of all emotions, feelings, expressions, states, attitudes and basis for our personal development on our shared path of “Becoming Today”, I’m encouraging you to seek to express and accept more love in your life.  This can be accomplished by taking care of yourself.  Self careContinue reading “Mercy Is Free”

Seeking Kindness

Before we begin, on this edition of “Becoming Today”, I really want to take a moment and share a reminder for you to be kind to yourself. Kindness is an expression of admiration for our fellow human beings. That we all matter and truly have worth. All of our lives have an intrinsic, inalienable God-givenContinue reading “Seeking Kindness”

Integrating Integrity

On this edition of Becoming Today, as the headline suggests our conversation will focus on a virtuous, moral and ethical aspect of our lives that is not-optional. Nothing like a little light reading, right? Integrity.  What is it? Why is it so important?  How do we ensure we are living with it?  Where to begin?Continue reading “Integrating Integrity”

You Have The Right To Be Responsible

We often hear many speaking about rights. Our rights. My rights, your rights and the right to those rights without infringing upon the rights of others.  Now on Becoming Today, we’ll review and expand upon these inherent, inalienable, irrevocable rights and also the responsibilities we must undertake and share in order to preserve them. IContinue reading “You Have The Right To Be Responsible”

Refreshing +2

This week has involved  a lot of renewing, refreshing, recommitting and now it’s time for some reviewing. Both on this edition of “Becoming Today”, and in our lives. How has this first week of “+2” fared for each of us? How are we doing along both our shared paths and our individual goals? Earlier thisContinue reading “Refreshing +2”

Seasonal Renewal

As I write this, it is a slow paced, quiet tranquil morning. With a cold front bearing down upon us, rather than the day heating up, as the sun rises- temperatures are dropping and will continue to fall. Old man Winter is indeed reminding us of his presence, and purpose. While this season is aContinue reading “Seasonal Renewal”