Feeling Affirmed

Are you “feeling” it? You should be as we begin day four of our intensive immersion into affirming ourselves, your emotions definitely need to be a part of the process.  Reviewing a bit, you should recall our discussions on: So How Do We Create Positive Affirmations? Good question. I’m so glad you asked. Here areContinue reading “Feeling Affirmed”

Affirmative Action

This week we are focusing on the processing of affirming ourselves and taking these declarations to our next level of “Becoming”.  So as the title suggests affirmations are also about affirming action. It is an action word. A state we need to achieve in order to enable us to be propelled towards our dreams, desires,Continue reading “Affirmative Action”

Today We Affirm

A new day, a new post about your “Becoming”. Also today a new step. Affirming ourselves. The process of not only declaring and supporting ourselves, but also how we’ll arrive at creating our own specific affirmations to strengthen us along our daily paths.  So let’s start with the shared definitions. We’ll begin with the noun,Continue reading “Today We Affirm”

“Becoming”: The Journey Matters

It really does. Especially upon this shared path of ours called “Becoming Today” it is truly the journey that matters. .Just making the simple decision to step forward and explore your personal odyssey proves you are already passing the test. The person you are “Becoming” is even better than anything you may have ever imagined.Continue reading ““Becoming”: The Journey Matters”