Crossing Bridges

Already we are a week into our latest “time change”, so it seems timely to look at whether or not we are ready to continue forward along this shared path we call “Becoming Today”. Thorough self examination, meditation, contemplation and prayers are the places where we can begin to formulate the answers we seek. InContinue reading “Crossing Bridges”

Which Fork Do I Use?

It’s a question we’ve all needed to ask at one time or another. And not just at a formal dinner table. “Which fork do I use?” also applies to our journey, as we reach those points along the path where we must choose the next direction of travel. Now our shared path of “Becoming Today”Continue reading “Which Fork Do I Use?”

Crossing Your Bridge

Are you ready yet to Spring ahead?  The countdown is on, so over the last few days we’ve been sharing ideas and examining how this time of realignment can work for our benefit. In our discussion titled, “Preparing To Spring Ahead”,I remarked that the return of Daylight Savings Time this weekend leaves us with moreContinue reading “Crossing Your Bridge”