Gracefully Acknowledging

It is that time of year already the holiday season is upon us and the Christmas celebrations are officially here. That’s why all month long, we’ll note things to reinforce that spirit as together we gather and “merrily” share. This week “Becoming Today”  has been talking a lot about timing. The decisions, choices and optionsContinue reading “Gracefully Acknowledging”

Merry Christmas

I hope you are having the most Blessed of days. I wanted to give you a gift. Here is a first edition of our very first mini-book, “Why Becoming Became My Way“. Just click the link and I pray you’ll find it helpful. For me, this Christmas is a little different, but what would youContinue reading “Merry Christmas”

The Time is Nigh!

Yes it ‘tis. The time is indeed nigh as it’s closing in on what has been  as ‘twas the night before Christmas. Okay, I know some old language there. But hey it’s kind of fun and remember we are supposed to be celebrating. As we spoke about yesterday I’m sharing some thoughts inspired by RickContinue reading “The Time is Nigh!”

You’re Invited!

Yes we’re having a party and you are invited. ‘ Tis the season for celebration and of course the main event is a birthday party.  We’ll discuss the purpose of this celebration now on this edition of “Becoming Today”. Christmas is just days away and when we strip away all the other associations with thisContinue reading “You’re Invited!”