Resetting Your Barometer

For some we may first have to explain what it is. However there are many benefits to come from recalibrating your barometer and recognizing your atmospheric conditions. I’ll explain next, on this edition of “Becoming Today”. Plainly put,  a barometer is an instrument that measures atmospheric pressure. It’s used widely in forecasting the weather andContinue reading “Resetting Your Barometer”

Step One: Decide

Welcome. When last we spoke I told you that I’d be meditating on the lessons that St Patrick brings to our shared path. Among those are proof we can overcome our doubts. Yes, you too, can do it  and are possibly even created for more. So how do you take your first step toward “Becoming”Continue reading “Step One: Decide”

Decisions, Decisions, well maybe….

Decisions are something that apparently more than a few people have trouble with. As I often have shared, I belong to the schools of thought that teach,…. What happens when you make a decision? Either it works. Or it doesn’t Makes perfect sense to me, but even here in my own household we have beenContinue reading “Decisions, Decisions, well maybe….”