What A Week!

Yes with an exclamation point is how this week progressed for me.  From my getting unstuck through our bold declarations and me again needing to work on my life-long challenge of forgiving myself, it was very action-centric and rewarding. Let’s take a few minutes on this edition of “Becoming Today” to review the week thatContinue reading “What A Week!”

Stating Our Union

On this edition of “Becoming Today” we’ll continue our discussion that began with me asking you to assess “The State of YOUR Union”. Yesterday I asked  you to consider some questions, which in case you missed them, I’ll post them at the end of today’s discussion. I requested you answer these questions, sincerely. Noting youContinue reading “Stating Our Union”

Declare Your Intentions

Time to put your words into action. Yesterday we were discussing the fact that words matter. They do have meaning and as Grandma always said we should choose our words wisely.  So on this edition of “Becoming Today”  we’ll continue our conversation of using our words to build, uplift and inspire rather than destroy, segregateContinue reading “Declare Your Intentions”