Diligently Crossing Paths

Another week of this year of “+2” has come and gone, as we prepare to “Spring Ahead”.  Undertaking our annual realignment of time, we are readjusting and regulating ourselves for the journey ahead. So let’s review some steps offered over the past week, on how to make our crossing paths, our shared path much moreContinue reading “Diligently Crossing Paths”

Crossing Your Bridge

Are you ready yet to Spring ahead?  The countdown is on, so over the last few days we’ve been sharing ideas and examining how this time of realignment can work for our benefit. In our discussion titled, “Preparing To Spring Ahead”,I remarked that the return of Daylight Savings Time this weekend leaves us with moreContinue reading “Crossing Your Bridge”

What’s Your Season?

Now just because the Vernal Equinox is approaching and the Northern Hemisphere will be entering the Spring season does not necessarily mean all of us will be. So how do you determine what season you may be preparing for? I’m glad you asked, because that’s where we’ll pick up now on  “Becoming Today”.  As weContinue reading “What’s Your Season?”

Preparing To Spring Ahead

I am renewed, refreshed and rejuvenated. My energy is restored and I am sharing and putting the lessons learned into action.  At least I am now after this past weekend. Those instances and events reminded me of the importance of being prepared for what may spring ahead of us at any time. That’s where we’llContinue reading “Preparing To Spring Ahead”

43 Hours

That’s right, 43 hours.  Not a typo.  While I realize crime dramas have conditioned us to accept the importance of the first 48 and that 48 hours is two days, what I’m about to share happened suddenly and quicker than that. So what happened in those 43 hours?  More like what didn’t happen. Lessons learnedContinue reading “43 Hours”