Refocusing: 21st Century Epistle

One thing is for certain, the way we communicate has changed  greatly over time. So if the messages of the Bible were being shared today, how would that be done? Join me as we consider that idea on this exploration of “Becoming Today”. No one actually ever set out to write a book called TheContinue reading “Refocusing: 21st Century Epistle”

Laboring For You

Here, in the U.S., today is the Labor Day holiday. Originally intended to celebrate the American worker it is now more focused upon retail events and a final hurrah of Summer. Yes the calendar shows us this month we’ll Fall into a new season, in our lives though our individual seasons are not noted onContinue reading “Laboring For You”

Do You Trust, Trusting?

Trust is one of those things we’re constantly told we should be doing and sometimes we believe we are. However that’s not always the case even if we believe what we are saying.  On this edition of Becoming Today it’s time to discuss trust, what it is, why it’s important and whether or not youContinue reading “Do You Trust, Trusting?”

Forbearantly Forward

Do you ever just get a word stuck in your head? It seems to just pop in there, from out of nowhere and then won’t leave you alone? If it has happened to you, then you can empathize with the feeling that it can be quite maddening. Bouncing around the left brain, right brain, tipContinue reading “Forbearantly Forward”

Names Matter

Personal identifiers are apparently now perceived far differently than I was always led to believe. A name was something to take pride in, live up to and share as a way of making connections. However it seems, especially as we emerge into our ‘post pandemic” realities. That must no longer be the case. We’ll exploreContinue reading “Names Matter”

Revisiting My Relocation

Yesterday I mentioned that next week is a time that has some major milestone moments for me. In “Reviving My Revival”, I noted that I wanted to take some time to revisit these momentous occasions to prepare for a better understanding of how impactful these events have been becoming. On this edition of “Becoming Today”,Continue reading “Revisiting My Relocation”

Reviving My Revival

It was nearly one year ago that I ventured out to points unknown. The anniversary of that trip, next week also coincides with another life altering course of events I had experienced three years prior to that.  With these milestone moments coming up, today I want to take some time to revisit the unforeseen eventsContinue reading “Reviving My Revival”

Seeking Commitment? Or Covenant?

Often I ask for your input In doing so I told you that coming soon,we would be undertaking a discussion about commitments. But wait,… there’s more. What I didn’t tell you was I was having a bit of a quandary myself about commitments, covenants, the differences between the two, and whether or not my standardsContinue reading “Seeking Commitment? Or Covenant?”

Sameeksha Mein Saptaah

Last weekend I alluded to the fact I thought I was running out of creative ways to refer to our weekly review. So for now I’ve decided on simply saying “Week In Review” in languages from different countries where we know there are some who are joining us along our shared path. So on thisContinue reading “Sameeksha Mein Saptaah”

Fear? Not!

Since the beginning of this project now more than 18-months ago I have spoken with you about how it has reinforced my calling to be an ambassador. An envoy of all the possibilities that exist for ourselves and each other. To be  an emissary of what we should expect and where to seek (and receive)Continue reading “Fear? Not!”

21st Century Epistle

One thing is for certain, the way we communicate has changed  greatly over time. So if the messages of the Bible were being shared today, how would that be done? Join me as we consider that idea on this exploration of “Becoming Today”. No one actually ever set out to write a book called TheContinue reading “21st Century Epistle”

What A Week It Was

I hope we are finishing it like we started singing praises, though this week did take some unexpected dark turns. Yet together along our shared path we can always find the light that defeats darkness. We’ll take a look back at the week that was on this edition of “Becoming Today”. I hope you areContinue reading “What A Week It Was”

Friday Free Thought

Another week has passed and we find ourselves on the cusp of a new month that will prompt seasonal changes. As we prepare to move ahead I need to get caught up on a few things! Some random thoughts and we need to focus on are coming up on this edition of “Becoming Today”. Continue reading “Friday Free Thought”

Examining Recent Ramblings

Not only was this a fast paced week, I also feel like I rambled and meandered from topic to topic. So as we readjust ourselves for what may lay ahead, let’s enjoy our time together now by examining the past consecutive days along our shared path of “Becoming Today”. One common note I found throughputContinue reading “Examining Recent Ramblings”

Frigg’s Day Fears?

Already? Wow it is. Another Friday and I’ve got to get caught up as this week just flew by. All kinds of things need to be done today, catch up on messages, scrub the kitchen floor and yes this Free Form Friday edition of “Becoming Today”.  Let’s begin with a topic concerning fear. I knowContinue reading “Frigg’s Day Fears?”

 Gifts You Already Have

We’re not talking about you receiving two of the same item from different people, or even that time when your husband forgot he already bought you that, for an earlier anniversary. Rather our conversation on this edition of “Becoming Today” will examine Gifts You Already Have, that you may not be making use of orContinue reading ” Gifts You Already Have”

Do You Really?

I don’t think so. In fact I feel confident enough, thanks to my own life lessons to say without a doubt- sometimes you really do not need to know.  On our shared path of “Becoming Today”, we all must deal with our own consequences, the result of our actions, decisions, attitudes and beliefs.  So whyContinue reading “Do You Really?”

Weekly, But Not Weak Review

I know it’s not possible but I feel like the winds this week blew us into the weekend a lot quicker.  At least the forecast is now calling for less hair product needed and we can stand a little taller while looking back at the winds of change from the past week on this editionContinue reading “Weekly, But Not Weak Review”