Turning Point Timing

Welcome back. Good to see you again. This is the second in a series I’ve called “Turning Point Toosdays”. Designed to help you look for inspiration and empower breakthroughs for yourself along this shared path we call “Becoming Today” Today and for the next five weeks, on this specific day of the week our discussionsContinue reading “Turning Point Timing”

Miraculous Mo’day

Everyday holds the potential for miracles, so why should today be any different? In fact it can be considered a miracle we woke up today.  What makes this day so important? And yes I am renaming the days of the week again. I’ll explain in this edition of “Becoming Today”. Last week I shared aboutContinue reading “Miraculous Mo’day”

Free Form Friday

This first week of Spring is continuing to be a reemergence of blossoming and “Becoming”.  Also sowing forward on this week’s overall theme of revisions and first, we are beginning another weekly feature. Welcome to our inaugural edition of “Free Form Friday”, here on “Becoming Today”. Change is an eternal constant in life. Even baseballContinue reading “Free Form Friday”

 Turning Point Toosday

As I embrace this new spring forward in my life, I am already accepting the need for and implementing change in my life and this project. For the next six weeks, on this specific day of the week our discussions will revolve around a topic that I hope will inform and help to better illuminateContinue reading ” Turning Point Toosday”