Time To Refresh

Thanks for stopping by today. Welcome back for those who have been following us, and if you’re new here, make sure you read my earlier posts, for the foundations of what “Becoming” is all about.  It’s that time of the year when we need to be looking ahead. Refreshing ourselves for the coming year andContinue reading “Time To Refresh”

It’s Never Too Late

It’s Never Too Late…or too early. Goals are an integral part of our shared journey here at “Becoming Today”. As we prepare to enter the final quarter of the year; yes already it’s here. , that means we need to focus a bit on our goals and planning. Review… Begin, whichever you need to orContinue reading “It’s Never Too Late”

Allow me to introduce myself

If you’re reading this, welcome. Obviously you must have stumbled upon our new project, however I’m sure you are here for a reason we’ll learn about together. As an active “liver” and lover of life, like all of us I’ve hit the reset button in the past year. So moving forward, I do not wantContinue reading “Allow me to introduce myself”