To Lead Responsibly

We have had earlier discussion centered around issues of a government designed to be “by and for the people”, being used to target micro-minorities across the nation.  Our conversation then, as well as several we’ve had since, reminded me of another voiced nearly 80-years ago. Then also there  was a call to step up andContinue reading “To Lead Responsibly”

No Expiration Date

Tomorrow marks another anniversary of one of the greatest tragedies to be experienced by the American people. On 9/11 lives were lost. terror gripped the nation. A promise was made to never forget and yet it seems too many are willing to do just that. The responsibility of leadership is just that to take theContinue reading “No Expiration Date”

What If Perhaps You Can?

Another week of this year of “+2” has come and gone and I hope you are all doing what you can to “Resurrect Positivity”. As we began to explore the week that was, it was so busy around here I missed a few things including the fact there was something to celebrate every day. That’sContinue reading “What If Perhaps You Can?”

What if….? It Has!

Today is a departure from our usual format. Sometimes things are occurring that I can not in good conscience remain silent on.  Several of those issues have combined and are pointing towards some very dangerous trends that have included targeted assaults on individuals, human rights and the very definition of freedom. Whether or not youContinue reading “What if….? It Has!”