The Next Step   

What’s your next step? Asking is the easy part. At times it’s slightly more difficult to recognize your answer. The really hard part is after accepting it – you need to take that next step. Putting it into action involves belief, courage, determination, faith, forbearance, perseverance and steadfast movements. Then once you align all that Continue reading “The Next Step   “

Four Years After…

Suddenly, in an instant it all changed. My path. My life. My outlook. My health. I’ll explain on this edition of “Becoming Today”.  In less than a second everything went dark. I could see nothing. I could hear nothing. As I came to, I could not move. I lay there motionless, unable to call out.Continue reading “Four Years After…”

Giving Thanks

More than a play on  words it’s a call to reclaim the power of this day and in each and everyone of us. Giving thanks is empowering, healing, uplifting and inspiring and it can all be yours.  We’ll go beyond the headlines and explore the infinite power of thanksgiving on this edition of “Becoming Today”. Continue reading “Giving Thanks”