Momentum Through Prayer

Developing your prayer life empowers you. When we do we are strengthened lifting our minds, hearts and spirits. So Saturday I urged you to take a prayerful intercession. Asking the Lord to help reveal your life’s purpose, noting it would  be healing, calming, strengthening, building, growing and most of all “Becoming”. I asked you toContinue reading “Momentum Through Prayer”

Breathing Backwards

Catch your breath, and breathe in that headline again. Yes on this edition of Becoming Today, I’m expanding upon Breathing Backwards. Over the past few weeks, we’ve dealt with some heavy issues as much of this month has been focused on our responsibilities. So today I decided to exhale a bit and only half- heartedlyContinue reading “Breathing Backwards”

Commitments v. Covenants

Nearly two weeks ago I asked for your input. I told you that coming soon,we would be undertaking a discussion about commitments. But wait,… there’s more. What I didn’t tell you was I was having a bit of a quandary myself about commitments, covenants, the differences between the two, and whether or not my standardsContinue reading “Commitments v. Covenants”

Meekly Forbearant

Do you ever just get a word stuck in your head? It seems to just pop in there, from out of nowhere and then won’t leave you alone? If it has happened to you, then you can empathize with the feeling that it can be quite maddening. Bouncing around the left brain, right brain, tipContinue reading “Meekly Forbearant”

Feeling Affirmed

Are you “feeling” it? You should be as we begin day four of our intensive immersion into affirming ourselves, your emotions definitely need to be a part of the process.  Reviewing a bit, you should recall our discussions on: So How Do We Create Positive Affirmations? Good question. I’m so glad you asked. Here areContinue reading “Feeling Affirmed”

Affirmative Action

This week we are focusing on the processing of affirming ourselves and taking these declarations to our next level of “Becoming”.  So as the title suggests affirmations are also about affirming action. It is an action word. A state we need to achieve in order to enable us to be propelled towards our dreams, desires,Continue reading “Affirmative Action”

Suddenly Becoming Expectantly Now

Quicker than I expected and sooner rather than later, it happened again. Life is less about what happens to you, and more centered upon how you choose to respond to it.” My day is certainty, “Becoming” other than expected, anticipated and a far cry from what I had planned.  Still remaining level headed, thoughtful andContinue reading “Suddenly Becoming Expectantly Now”

Today We Affirm

A new day, a new post about your “Becoming”. Also today a new step. Affirming ourselves. The process of not only declaring and supporting ourselves, but also how we’ll arrive at creating our own specific affirmations to strengthen us along our daily paths.  So let’s start with the shared definitions. We’ll begin with the noun,Continue reading “Today We Affirm”

Suddenly Becoming… Now!

The start to this week has certainly been an interesting one for discussion. The unexpected delays, obstacles, circumstances, plus related adjustments in our daily lives juxtaposed with the concepts of expectancy, quickly, soon and now. So it is no coincidence that they work well to bring us to today’s topic. (Especially since I believe thereContinue reading “Suddenly Becoming… Now!”

Commitments? Covenants? Both or Neither?

A day of questions for you. I’ll begin to explain why as you continue, but first I need to ask: How do you define commitments? Do you honor your commitments? Why or why not? Do you expect others to honor their commitments? Can you define for us what a covenant is? What is the differenceContinue reading “Commitments? Covenants? Both or Neither?”

Decisions, Decisions, well maybe….

Decisions are something that apparently more than a few people have trouble with. As I often have shared, I belong to the schools of thought that teach,…. What happens when you make a decision? Either it works. Or it doesn’t Makes perfect sense to me, but even here in my own household we have beenContinue reading “Decisions, Decisions, well maybe….”

Happy 4th of July!

A bonus edition of “Becoming Today” as we celebrate along with you.  Normally I do not publish on Sundays, so to help some of you avoid unnecessary anguish, while this appears here today, you may be reading on Sunday and I am with you in spirit, I am not working on Sunday. I intentionally dedicateContinue reading “Happy 4th of July!”

Rights and Responsibilities Vol. 1

So you get that there is a whole lot here and there will be discussions well beyond this moment concerning these integral aspects of living, right?  This week we have been speaking about rights. Our rights. My rights, your rights and the right to those rights without infringing upon the rights of others.  Now onContinue reading “Rights and Responsibilities Vol. 1”


Transitioning into this new month, I’ve shared some thoughts on how the coming days can be approached and lived differently. By exploring quite diverse ways from how we may have accepted them to be in the past or believed we had to compromise or settle for.  In “My Declaration of Independence”, yesterday I pointed toContinue reading “Uncommon”

Transformative Transition

Are you ready? We’ve reached another point of change along our shared journey here at Becoming Today. Not only around us, but also a time when I believe we’ll all notice some of these decidedly different differences taking effect within us.  As the calendar will mark the start of a new month, tomorrow, we alsoContinue reading “Transformative Transition”

Acceptance Required

On this edition of Becoming Today, what I’m asking is for you to accept yourself. Sounds simple, right?  Well just maybe it’s one of those things that sounds easier than they really are.  Nevertheless, accepting ourselves is an integral part of “Becoming”.   Accepting our strengths rather than empowering our perceived weaknesses, accepting our unlimited potentialContinue reading “Acceptance Required”

Becoming A Giver

This week we’ve established that at times we all need help. Acknowledging it can be difficult to ask for help, we outlined steps to allow ourselves to ask for help. Realizing that  receiving is part of life,that it has nothing to do with worthiness, we acknowledge that in learning how to accept help we areContinue reading “Becoming A Giver”

Accepting Help

If by no other means than just simply listening to music we should all be able to comprehend that there is not one person who can go through life without needing help at one time or another, and then again. Submitted for your consideration some song lyrics about help…. “Oh, I get by with aContinue reading “Accepting Help”