Illuminating 8.4: Peace

Living with attitudes of being compassionate and empowering dignity allows us to transform our suffering, pain or pasts into productive, beneficial healing, growth and change.   Last week as we continued along our conversation of the 8 Points of Light, recently revealed to me, we spoke about Respecting All.  Now moving forward, on this edition ofContinue reading “Illuminating 8.4: Peace”

Turning Point Knowledge

Welcome, In our conversation today  we’ll share part five of our series on Turning Point Toosdays.  Our discussions on this particular day of the week focus around how we can create a catalyst for our own growth, development and who we are “Becoming Today”. Last week, in “Turning Point Moments”, we talked about how weContinue reading “Turning Point Knowledge”

The Best Policy

It remains true, though we seemingly do not see it adhered to as much these days. In fact the opposite, is shielded under other names, and accepted as just everyday common practice. Enough is enough, we know words have meanings, and those meanings can aid your discernment if you choose to accept this best policy,Continue reading “The Best Policy”

Reviewing Our Path

Now halfway through another month, and time continues to march on. While we work together on the forward and upward momentum of our shared path, it’s time to pause. On this edition of “Becoming Today, we’ll  review the conversations we shared throughout this past week, so that we are better prepared for the coming daysContinue reading “Reviewing Our Path”

Hoping For A Good Friday

Today is a day to pause and remember, to reflect upon blessings and the costs that were paid for them. As we enter into the Easter weekend, we’ll touch upon this month’s overall theme of “Celebrating Resurrection”.  Then as Fridays have become our free form days, we will randomly wander here and there as IContinue reading “Hoping For A Good Friday”

Illuminating 8.3: Respecting All

Seeking enlightenment is essential to our journey here on “Becoming Today”. After all, what I’m sharing each day is aligned with “Becoming” as a noun: ‘’the process of coming to be something or of passing into a state”. Coming to be always, “Becoming”. Growing, developing and shifting into an attitude and daily practice of always,Continue reading “Illuminating 8.3: Respecting All”

Searching Two Paths

Welcome back to an extended odyssey along our shared path here at “Becoming Today”. We are now four Wednesdays into our weekly search and rescue mission for wisdom. If you are just finding this idea, we are undertaking a search and rescue mission for wisdom. Understanding that enlightenment is within our reach we shall seekContinue reading “Searching Two Paths”

Turning Point Moments

Today we’ll share part four of our series on Turning Point Toosdays.  Our discussions on this particular day of the week focus around how we can create a catalyst for our own growth, development and who we are “Becoming Today”. Last week we discussed that once you have  decided to accept that the timing isContinue reading “Turning Point Moments”

Ready To Receive?

We say we are ready for things. Ready for things to get better. Desiring for more. Even claiming to be ready for change. But are we really?  On this edition of “Becoming Today”, we’ll look at the question of whether or not you are ready to receive; plus we’ll explore three areas of focus toContinue reading “Ready To Receive?”

Looking Back, Moving Forward

It is that time again isn’t it? Time to review our renewal, measure our progress and reexamine the week that was here on “Becoming Today”. So where to begin. How about on Monday as all our weeks here do. This past Monday brought us a discussion titled “The Return”. It was one of those pointsContinue reading “Looking Back, Moving Forward”

Randomly Arriving at 400

Fridays have become our free form days, so join us this edition of “Becoming Today” as we will randomly wander here and there as I share some observations and some unsettling actions, behaviors and remarks that have been on my mind throughout the week. History was made yesterday as the first ever Black woman wasContinue reading “Randomly Arriving at 400”

Illuminating 8.2: With Dignity

As we continue our weekly series on the exploration of the 8 Points of Light that I came to understand through personal discovery and revelation during My Revival trip , “Becoming Today”,will now turn our attention towards accepting, embracing and sharing dignity. Last week our discussion tugged at the first petal as being Compassion. “AContinue reading “Illuminating 8.2: With Dignity”

Turning Point Purpose

Today we embark on the third part of our series on Turning Point Toosdays. Our discussions on this particular day of the week focus around how we can create a catalyst for our own growth, development and who we are “Becoming Today”. Turning point days are ones you remember, they are “Becoming” catalysts for greatContinue reading “Turning Point Purpose”

The Return

We’ve reached one of those points when the time has arrived. Aligned with purpose and intent it is time to return.  It is a time of refocusing, renewing, revitalizing and yes returning; however not in the ways many claim to be hoping for. I’ll explain on this edition of “Becoming Today”. The time has comeContinue reading “The Return”

Start In The Middle

A new month underway, brings the climax of another busy week here along our shared path.  Where to begin? Last week in our review we started on Friday and went back, the week before we began at the beginning going Monday through Friday, so let’s try something different and start in the middle on thisContinue reading “Start In The Middle”

Friday Free Form

ROAR! I needed to say that right off. Let me repeat it too,… ROAR! Yes I’m fulfilling my promise to you.  As the now previous month dawned, in “Lion or Lamb?”, I shared as the old saying goes, “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb”. I had been sharing aboutContinue reading “Friday Free Form”

Illuminating 8.1: Compassion

Last Thursday I shared that we are embarking upon a new level of our shared journey. Much of what we will be discussing was learned and came to me by revelation during the 11-day odyssey, I’ve come to accept as “My Revival”.  With a goal of aiding your enlightenment as well as assisting us inContinue reading “Illuminating 8.1: Compassion”

Turning Point Timing

Welcome back. Good to see you again. This is the second in a series I’ve called “Turning Point Toosdays”. Designed to help you look for inspiration and empower breakthroughs for yourself along this shared path we call “Becoming Today” Today and for the next five weeks, on this specific day of the week our discussionsContinue reading “Turning Point Timing”