Miraculous Mo’day

Everyday holds the potential for miracles, so why should today be any different? In fact it can be considered a miracle we woke up today.  What makes this day so important? And yes I am renaming the days of the week again. I’ll explain in this edition of “Becoming Today”. Last week I shared aboutContinue reading “Miraculous Mo’day”

The Week That Was

It’s  that time of the week already. Time to take a look back at what was and prepare for what’s coming next on this edition of “Becoming Today”.  So where to begin. Last week we started at the beginning so this week why don’t we do the opposite start with yesterday and work our wayContinue reading “The Week That Was”

Free Form Friday

This first week of Spring is continuing to be a reemergence of blossoming and “Becoming”.  Also sowing forward on this week’s overall theme of revisions and first, we are beginning another weekly feature. Welcome to our inaugural edition of “Free Form Friday”, here on “Becoming Today”. Change is an eternal constant in life. Even baseballContinue reading “Free Form Friday”

Shining Light on the Lights

On this edition of “Becoming Today”, we embark upon a new level of our shared journey. Continuing on this week’s overall theme of revisions and first, we are beginning another weekly study One that I hope will aid in your enlightenment as well as  assisting us  in radiating more light, and love, to all thoseContinue reading “Shining Light on the Lights”

Searching for Wisdom

Welcome to another edition of “Becoming Today”. Motivated by far too many things occurring in the world, around us, to us and some even allegedly for us, I’ve decided to undertake a search and rescue mission for wisdom. Understanding that enlightenment is within our reach we shall seek and find the knowledge and inspiration necessaryContinue reading “Searching for Wisdom”

 Turning Point Toosday

As I embrace this new spring forward in my life, I am already accepting the need for and implementing change in my life and this project. For the next six weeks, on this specific day of the week our discussions will revolve around a topic that I hope will inform and help to better illuminateContinue reading ” Turning Point Toosday”

Reemergence: Blossoming and Becoming

As both the calendar and clock signaled to us, this was destined to be a week of change. Right on schedule, changes took hold and are prompting many of us to Spring forward as well. Yesterday brought us the true seasonal change of the equinox. This is the beginning of the spring season in theContinue reading “Reemergence: Blossoming and Becoming”

What If Perhaps You Can?

Another week of this year of “+2” has come and gone and I hope you are all doing what you can to “Resurrect Positivity”. As we began to explore the week that was, it was so busy around here I missed a few things including the fact there was something to celebrate every day. That’sContinue reading “What If Perhaps You Can?”

Step One: Decide

Welcome. When last we spoke I told you that I’d be meditating on the lessons that St Patrick brings to our shared path. Among those are proof we can overcome our doubts. Yes, you too, can do it  and are possibly even created for more. So how do you take your first step toward “Becoming”Continue reading “Step One: Decide”

St Patrick: Real and Imagined

Are you wearin’ the green today? If you are not, are you worried you may get pinched? Are you preparing the corned beef and cabbage, while looking over your shoulder at a four leaf clover?   Today is St. Patrick’s Day and the gap between truth and fiction is quite wide. We’ll try to narrow thatContinue reading “St Patrick: Real and Imagined”

Perhaps For A Time Such As This

This week our discussion has centered around the “Becoming” qualities necessary to have an impact on our lives and those of others. On this edition of “Becoming Today” we’ll turn our attention to the story of one particular young woman, who against all odds, personified a life of achieving, exceeding and leading in ways thatContinue reading “Perhaps For A Time Such As This”

The Responsibility of Leadership

When we last spoke, our discussion centered around issues of a government designed to be “by and for the people”, being used to target micro-minorities across the nation.  Our conversation then, as well as one I’ve had since, reminded me of another voiced nearly 80-years ago. Then also there  was a call to step upContinue reading “The Responsibility of Leadership”

What if….? It Has!

Today is a departure from our usual format. Sometimes things are occurring that I can not in good conscience remain silent on.  Several of those issues have combined and are pointing towards some very dangerous trends that have included targeted assaults on individuals, human rights and the very definition of freedom. Whether or not youContinue reading “What if….? It Has!”

Diligently Crossing Paths

Another week of this year of “+2” has come and gone, as we prepare to “Spring Ahead”.  Undertaking our annual realignment of time, we are readjusting and regulating ourselves for the journey ahead. So let’s review some steps offered over the past week, on how to make our crossing paths, our shared path much moreContinue reading “Diligently Crossing Paths”

Crossing Your Bridge

Are you ready yet to Spring ahead?  The countdown is on, so over the last few days we’ve been sharing ideas and examining how this time of realignment can work for our benefit. In our discussion titled, “Preparing To Spring Ahead”,I remarked that the return of Daylight Savings Time this weekend leaves us with moreContinue reading “Crossing Your Bridge”

What’s Your Season?

Now just because the Vernal Equinox is approaching and the Northern Hemisphere will be entering the Spring season does not necessarily mean all of us will be. So how do you determine what season you may be preparing for? I’m glad you asked, because that’s where we’ll pick up now on  “Becoming Today”.  As weContinue reading “What’s Your Season?”

Preparing To Spring Ahead

I am renewed, refreshed and rejuvenated. My energy is restored and I am sharing and putting the lessons learned into action.  At least I am now after this past weekend. Those instances and events reminded me of the importance of being prepared for what may spring ahead of us at any time. That’s where we’llContinue reading “Preparing To Spring Ahead”

43 Hours

That’s right, 43 hours.  Not a typo.  While I realize crime dramas have conditioned us to accept the importance of the first 48 and that 48 hours is two days, what I’m about to share happened suddenly and quicker than that. So what happened in those 43 hours?  More like what didn’t happen. Lessons learnedContinue reading “43 Hours”