Milestone Moment

One year ago… well more precisely it was exactly a year ago, this past Wednesday, that I shared for the first time an intensely personal tale from my life. I had never spoken publicly about it before then. So while Fridays are usually my time to discuss random thoughts and current events for the nextContinue reading “Milestone Moment”

Renewing Your Investment

Do you realize it’s less than two weeks till Christmas and there are only 18-days remaining in this year of 20/20 +1 ? To me it has just flown by. A year of investing in ourselves and each other here along our shared path. As we prepare to look into the new year, while speedingContinue reading “Renewing Your Investment”

Invest In Yourself

Is it really Thursday already? And oh yeah welcome to Autumn. Like we’ve been discussing throughout this week, seasons change literally and metaphorically Another week of this year of 20/20 +1 has just flown by. While speeding ahead forward, today we’ll take a look at what may still be in sight of our rear viewContinue reading “Invest In Yourself”