Are You Including Integrity?

On this edition of Becoming Today, as the headline suggests our conversation will focus on a virtuous, moral and ethical aspect of our lives that is not-optional. Nothing like a little light Summer reading, right? Integrity.  What is it? Why is it so important?  How do we ensure we are living with it?  Where toContinue reading “Are You Including Integrity?”

The Essence of Becoming

Just one word, that’s all it took. That one word? “Becoming” That’s what I declared this year, this new project and my renewed direction in life to be all about. So what exactly do I mean by “Becoming”? Glad you asked…. To begin with, “Becoming”is a  word and words do have meanings. So if usedContinue reading “The Essence of Becoming”

Integrity Is Integral

Is it Friday already? This year of 20/20+1 continues to fly by and I hope you are finding your personal progress along our shared path quickening as well. With a busy weekend ahead for many, as we celebrate both Father’s Day and the official start of Summer on Sunday, the festivities and stress relieving distractionsContinue reading “Integrity Is Integral”