Daily Recommended Fruits

Our discussion picks up not from yesterday, rather from a week ago. Last Toosday, we talked about how you too are the recipient of “Gifts You Already Have”.  As I mentioned then, they offered many rewards, that’s why we’ll take this edition of “Becoming Today” to determine if you’re getting your Daily Recommended Fruits. TheContinue reading “Daily Recommended Fruits”

What’s In A Name?

Personal identifiers are apparently now perceived far differently than I was always led to believe. A name was something to take pride in, live up to and share as a way of making connections. However it seems, especially as we emerge into our ‘post pandemic” realities. That must no longer be the case. We’ll exploreContinue reading “What’s In A Name?”

Renewing Momentum

Another week has wrapped up here along our shared path. As we prepare to press ahead together and welcome the new month that is fast approaching, we need to pause, reflect and review the week that was here on this edition of “Becoming Today”. Trust is one of those things we’re constantly told we shouldContinue reading “Renewing Momentum”

Free Thinking Friday

This week, this month have really seemed to fly by. At least where I am, the April showers, and we’ve experienced plenty of them are showing promise for May Flowers. Today’s discussion will meander here and there as it’s another Free Form Friday edition of “Becoming Today”.  I’ve been thinking about Millard Fillmore this week.Continue reading “Free Thinking Friday”

Trusting In Trust

Trust is one of those things we’re constantly told we should be doing and sometimes we believe we are. However that’s not always the case even if we believe what we are saying.  On this edition of Becoming Today it’s time to discuss trust, what it is, why it’s important and whether or not youContinue reading Trusting In Trust

You’re Invited!

Yes we’re having a party and you are invited. ‘ Tis the season for celebration and of course the main event is a birthday party.  We’ll discuss the purpose of this celebration now on this edition of “Becoming Today”. Christmas is just days away and when we strip away all the other associations with thisContinue reading “You’re Invited!”

Living Expectantly

Life is less about what happens to you, and more centered upon how you choose to respond to it. In order to seek happiness we must decide to do so. When you are feeling less than joyful, it’s a conscious decision for you to take the necessary action to foster the growth of Joy insideContinue reading “Living Expectantly”