Enlightened By Mercy

We continue this week in our ongoing discussion of the next in our Eight Points of Light.  To this point and place in time we’ve touched upon more than half the flower, having discussed the petals of Compassion, Dignity, Respect , Peace and Love.  When last we spoke we embraced love as perhaps the greatestContinue reading “Enlightened By Mercy”

What A Week It Was

I hope we are finishing it like we started singing praises, though this week did take some unexpected dark turns. Yet together along our shared path we can always find the light that defeats darkness. We’ll take a look back at the week that was on this edition of “Becoming Today”. I hope you areContinue reading “What A Week It Was”

Illuminating 8.6: Becoming Merciful

As we continue our weekly series on the exploration of the 8 Points of Light that I came to understand through personal discovery and revelation during My Revival trip , “Becoming Today”, we will now turn our attention towards “Becoming” Merciful. For me this has been a wonderfully blessed experience, which  I am truly glad to share. To thisContinue reading “Illuminating 8.6: Becoming Merciful”

Responsibly Seeking Kindness, Mercy and Forgiveness with Integrity

Okay I realize it seems like a long title today, however with just 8 words comprising 66 characters we have summed up the busy week that was here at “Becoming Today”. Let’s review the conversations we had  along our shared path from the past few days. Beginning with You Have The Right To Be Responsible.Continue reading “Responsibly Seeking Kindness, Mercy and Forgiveness with Integrity”

Mercy Is Free

Accepting that we can embrace love as perhaps the greatest of all emotions, feelings, expressions, states, attitudes and basis for our personal development on our shared path of “Becoming Today”, I’m encouraging you to seek to express and accept more love in your life.  This can be accomplished by taking care of yourself.  Self careContinue reading “Mercy Is Free”