Reviving My Revival

It was nearly one year ago that I ventured out to points unknown. The anniversary of that trip, next week also coincides with another life altering course of events I had experienced three years prior to that.  With these milestone moments coming up, today I want to take some time to revisit the unforeseen eventsContinue reading “Reviving My Revival”

Revived Again

Earlier this year I shared with many of you about an unexpected road trip I took. At the time and as we’ll explore once more in a few moments I came to realize this was “My Revival”.   I want to revisit that journey with you today as it has had a lasting impact onContinue reading “Revived Again”

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My Revival

I hope our past few days rediscovering the purpose and power of prayer have been enlightening for you, because over the next several days I will be sharing some personal examples of how relevant it has been for me.  As we continue our shared journey along this path of “Becoming Today”, it should not beContinue reading “My Revival”

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